Thursday, 17 April 2014

Gareth Bale: Doing justice to a great goal

Gareth Bale: Doing justice to a great goal

"....He might have had to run the race in the far outside lane but there was no catching him.

It began barely 10 yards from Madrid's own byline, where Madrid's rob-and-run tactic worked again, as it had done to such good effect all night"

"Isco won possession and found Fábio Coentrão down the line who kept the ball moving. Bale burst towards the left and knocked it first-time past Bartra. With 50 yards in front of him, Bale knew this was a race he would win.

Bartra nudged Bale and he was forced off the pitch but he kept on running, taking the long route round, beyond the touchline and back, bombing into the area to slot the ball through José Pinto's legs. "

( somewhere in Italy, Maicon was watching with a knowing smile )

Also, somewhere in Iceland, Solvi Ottesen was shaking his head in disbelief " he did it again"

Check the link below to see a similar goal scored by Bale, for Wales vs Iceland, last month ( Ottesen is wearing Jersey No 5 )

"The sprint to the other corner to celebrate was almost as fast, team-mates struggling to keep up"

This was Bale's final.

"..He had not been able to impose himself in either clásico so far this season, both of which had been won by Barcelona. If they wanted a huge performance, they got it....."

"...This moment defines the Cardiff Express' debut season in Spain; the kind of goal that defines him. The speed was breathtaking.."

Butragueno- "He ran 50 metres with a power that was frightening"

Carlo Ancelotti- "I had the perfect view. It was a fantastic goal from an extraordinary player. We're lucky he plays for Real Madrid."

The Cardiff Express set off at 23.12 and came back with the Copa del Rey

Main Credit: The Guardian


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