Friday, 13 December 2013

Beyoncé & Chimamanda, who'd have thunk dat!

Beyoncé & Chimamanda, who'd have thunk dat!

Check out Chimamanda Adichie (pix 1) spitting verses ( about women empowerment) on the single, Flawless - in Bey Bey's latest album ( Beyoncé) which dropped yesterday without any faffing around

Beyoncé & Chimamanda, who'd have thunk dat!

I've listened to all 14 tracks- I can tell you that it's weird, in-your-face and brilliant

Just the kind of album you'd expect a mega star like ' Sasha Fierce' to drop


'Sasha Fierce doing' her thang in this sneak peak of the yet to be officially released * but will be awesome* video


Read the Guardian review of the album here


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Eden Hazard- Like A Boss

Eden Hazard- Like A Boss

Sunderland 3- Chelsea 4

Hazard was the inspiration behind Chelsea's ninth successive victory on Wearside yesterday– equalling the top division's record of consecutive away wins against the same opponents, a record that Chelsea already hold.

The Chelsea defenders were on Sabbatical ( conceding goals from 3 set pieces) but Hazard played:


It was his best game in a Chelsea shirt (since arriving in 2011) with 2 goals and 1 assist. He was double -teamed and triple -teamed by the Sunderland defenders.

This was futile as he was just unplayable!


Post Suarez masterclass- Spare a thought for Norwich City

Post Suarez masterclass- Spare a thought for Norwich City
After the Suarez masterclass yesterday:

In all this, spare a thought for Norwich City

"Torture by Luis Suárez is routine for Norwich City but that does not diminish his capacity to astonish.

Suárez took his tally to 11 goals in his last four appearances against Norwich yesterday

His latest hat-trick was his third in four games against Norwich, ensuring he became the first player in Premier League history to score three trebles against the same team.

Quite what Norwich have done to warrant this relentless, ruthless punishment is unknown!

"I wish Luis Suárez would just leave us alone," tweeted Norwich's Anthony Pilkington"

We wish so too, Tony!


The Phenomenon- Luis Suarez

The Phenomenon- Luis Suarez

Liverpool 5- Norwich City 1

A word on the phenomenon at Anfield tonight:

(You probably won't see a player score 4 great goals in one game again! )

Luis Suarez= BAMF= Player

*Key: BAMF - Bad Ass MotherF**ker


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lest we forget: West Ham 0 -Chelsea 3

Lest we forget: West Ham 0- Chelsea 3

Verdict: Got the job done with the minimum of fuss

This is the Chelsea the Faithfuls want

4-3-3 seems to be the way forward

flexible yet strong, balanced yet overwhelming

- Mikel protecting the defence gave Lampard & Ramirez freedom to boss the midfield and join the attack. Lampard's trademark second goal was the result -(Lampard's best game this season)

-Oscar played like he's been reading my comments here at JSP lately. Can't fault the shift of the Brazilian. It was LikeABoss

-Eto'o's link up play was intelligent, as usual. Task- just score more goals, Sammy

-Cesar Azpilicueta is quickly putting his stamp on that LB position & making himself one of the mandatory names on Jose Mourinho's team sheet. ( not good news for Ashley Cole)

-We're still not killing opposition off in Man City fashion yet. Hence at 2- nil, West ham had a great chance which, if taken, could have given a different complexion to the rest of the match

- Ba was caught offside. Again!

There was no doubt that Mourinho would get it right. It just took ( it's just taking) a tad longer than Mourihistas like moi expected

PS- Mata not getting any game time still sucks! We should sell him. He's too good to be on


Monday, 18 November 2013

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier!

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier!

Episode 8 'Necromancer'

-Ichabod learns how to Fist bump #Cool

When it comes to quotes, Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones) is the gift that keeps on giving!"

Check out his latest quote ( with a look of incredulity on his face) after Ichabod suggested getting Abbie's 'mental' sister and 'the undead' , Brooks ( who still holds unrequited feelings for Abbie) to help interrogate ...wait for it...the Headless Horseman!

*you can make this stuff up!!*

The quote:

"...A dead guy, a mental patient and a Time traveller from the Revolution

Abbie Mills' 'take it or leave it' response: "That's our team!"

They've blown the original story to smithereens a good way

Did I forget to mention that Brooks is the Necromancer?

-One appointed to speak for the dead!


Please don't steal a Hessian's fiancée or you'll kickstart the Apocalypse!

Oh, Sleepy Hollow!

It's amazing and fun and beautiful and perfect and I don’t think my heart can take much more....but I'll try!

Please get with the program, y'all

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Great team goals

Great Team goals Hulk's goal: A Peach! Honda's goal-Pure Joy!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

4 Tv shows you should be watching

4 Tv shows you should be watching

1. Sleepy Hollow- this is a must-watch for tv show fans. Take that to the bank! See the latest episode recap link below. By the way, the Horseman in pix 1 is headless!

2. Scandal- Summary of the latest episode - Olivia's mom is alive, Sally's husband is gay, Quinn is now in B613, Fitz's son is actually his brother, Mellie got raped! Too much!!!...not to forget Liv's Dior coat!

She's got that coat game on lock! Real talk!

3. The Blacklist- James Spader is still carrying this show. The chemistry with his female protagonist, Megan Boone, is getting better though

4. Homeland- this has lost it's way, slightly, in it's 3rd season but it's still good tv. The f*cker in pix 4 is called Majid Javadi! He has just murdered his daughter-in-law and his ex-wife!

Get with the program, y'all!

Recaps for all the shows ( in order) for those interested

1. Sleepy Hollow

2. Scandal

3. The Blacklist

4. Homeland

If you're interested in discussions on films, music and Arts, join this group on Facebook: Hey, don't forget to live!


Sunday, 10 November 2013

EPL: Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

EPL: Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

Nothing is a given anymore

That's why the EPL is the best in the world!


NB- I hope samples of urine were collected for drug testing after that display of machismo by the home team at OT yesterday?

It is passé to write Man Utd off after that kickass performance.

I might just put a tenner on Southampton going all the way! (with the way things have panned out last weekend)


Tried really hard not to do this next bit.

But, like Adam, I succumbed to the temptation ( Eve, I see you )

Now, Judge Me, Y'all! :

'Tactical Dunces' of the Week ( in no particular order)

1. Arsene Wenger- for giving more credence to 'Okafor's Law' at Old Trafford last night

( If y'all don't know that law, you're sitting on a long thing!)

2. Manuel Pellegrini- for losing for the Gazillionth time away from home. How can you raise Tigers at home, and spawn Kittens away?

3. Andre Villas-Boas- for assembling an expensive team who just cannot score a goal from open play

4. Jose Mourinho- for needing the assistance of the Ref to keep his unbeaten home EPL record intact -against wee West Brom. For not knowing his best XI with a quarter of the season gone!


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chelsea 2- West Brom 2. November Blues

Chelsea 2- West Brom 2. November Blues

November: It's happening, isn't it?

As a Chelsea fan, I hate Novembers!

Mata has been the brain of this team for the past two years, what Mourinho has done now is cut the head of the chicken and we’re just flapping around! #Stolen

('Cos I like to flog a dead horse! ) I'll repeat it for the gazzilionth time:

Mata has to play!

( and not for 20 or 30 mins!)

Mr Mourinho has to do the needful 'cos he's beginning to wear my patience ( and that of other passionate fans) thin.....:

Drop Ivanovic, Lampard and Oscar for our next game

We lacked imagination going forward again yesterday 'cos:

1. surprise, surprise, our main attacking outlet was Ivanovic He who cannot cross the ball for his life!

When you play packed defenses.. You need full backs that are offensively savy to help provide width and offensive overload.. At Inter Mourinho could rely on Maicon. At Madrid, he had Marcelo coming from the left.

Azpilicueta is our best full back at the moment, but the tactics is shackling his contribution to attack. Can't understand this logic

2. Lampard for all his hard work can’t tackle well and can’t control a game. If we are counter attacking, Lampard might be a good choice with his long passes, but when we are playing at home and looking to break down teams, Mikel is a better choice. He controls the tempo well and actually plays short passes with some purpose and it gives Ramires the chance to bump forward.

When Lampard plays, Ramires stays deeper, thus Ramires has to control the tempo of the match which is a disaster because Ramires can’t pass! His asset is his box-to-box runs

3.Oscar, as good as he is and as great as his work rate is, just doesn’t have the offensive ability Mata does.

I’d trade Mata's 'low work rate' for what he brings in playmaking than have Oscar out there.

Leaving out Mata for defensive purposes is a bit like refusing to drive a Ferrari because of lack of fuel efficiency. Now, who does that to a Ferrari?

4. Hazard has not been effective in games as he was 'cos he's missing Mata. Remember the understanding between this 2 and the short slick interchanges around the opposition box last year? Hazard gets double-teamed easily nowadays

Mourinho should deploy Azpi in his usual RB position and start Bertrand at LB in our next game. Mikel should partner Ramires in the pivot. Mata should play a full game.

When you don't play well the kind of errors that lead to the goals conceded yesterday are inevitable. I'm not going to dwell on them

It's tighter than a Squirrel's sphincter at the top and we might actually be in 6th or 7th position at the end of hostilities today- because of 2 poor games!

I don't like International Breaks but the next one couldn't have come at a better time for Chelsea. We'd have found our Mojo back when hostilities resume.

I have seen people screaming 'Blue Murder' for the penalty call-particularly Manchester United fans.

Cognitive Dissonance!

-rationalising a decision to help resolve conflicting beliefs.

( Utd gets the most dodgy calls. It's not a good thing. But other big teams get them sometimes too. So, we point it out to make us feel better)

Haven't we being here before?

Ramires had lost balance in the box, due to his run, and was going to fall anyway. There was contact with him. He went down naturally. It wasn't a dive, neither was it a penalty. A soft penalty was given.

We take it and preserve Mourinho's record of not losing a game in the English Premier league at home. ( that's like 100 games now, by the way! )

It was unfair on West Brom. But life is unfair

We didn't get a call for the Ivanovic infringement before West Brom's second goal too.

What we won't take is for the Chief Beneficiaries of dodgy calls to be at the vanguard of the crusade for pointing fingers ( a tu quoque argument) ...or for Ramires to be labelled as a diver like their Ashley

NB- I'm a United fan for obvious reasons today! #MindingTheGapTinzs


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Only in America

Only in America

The incredible story of Barkhad Abdi, a Somalian Taxi driver in Minnesota.

He had never acted a film before 'Captain Phillips' but could win a best Supporting Actor Oscar for his critically acclaimed role as Muse - the real life ( now incarcerated) Somalian Pirate

His acting threatened to overshadow that of the esteemed veteran, Tom Hanks, in the film.

He even had an improvisation which was the best line in the film: "..I am the Captain now"

Saw the flick yesterday and watched him on The Arsenio Hall show

Nodded my head and said: "Only in America will this type of made-for-Hollywood story become a reality"

Check out the powerful story here and the clip from the flick below


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chelsea 2- Man City 1, The Rebirth of Torres under the watch of Mourinho

Chelsea 2- Man City 1 -The Rebirth of Torres under the watch of Mourinho

Torres 1 assist, 1 sublime effort that hit the bar, 1 glorious winning goal!

Torres- now I believe that he's truly back!

This is the 'Real Dojo' , not all those 'McDojos' we've been watching since 2011

Chelsea Champions -Elect?

Who'd dare to bet against this now, with The Special One in charge of this team?

The Mongoose I want under the house, when the snake slithers by! Grrrrrrrrr



Friday, 25 October 2013

Scandal Season 3. Ep 4: "Say Hello To My Little Friend"

Scandal Season 3. Ep 4: "Say Hello To My Little Friend"

Posted this originally in the Facebook Group, Hey, Don't Forget To Live! Click the link here

Spoiler Alert!!

Scroll to the next post if you don't want to know about this episode until you have watched it

It's about Operation Remington & the President's secret, Rowan Pope & B613, Huck & Jake's unlikely alliance and their effort to involve Liv ( the ultimate goal being to bring her father down) , A Senator on trial for the murder of his young consort

Check up the links here and here for more details

Y'all know I gotta leave you with some quotes :

Jake to Liv : "Your dad would slit your throat and drink

the blood if it would serve the Republic!" Eli Pope, Ha!

Senator Meyers philandering/sending photos of his to young ladies aka sexting

"...This party already has a Wang problem..."

Hear what a female Democratic Party Cingresswoman Josephine Marcus ( Lisa Kudrow, remember 'Friends' ? )said about President Fitz- "I think it's high time the Prez tames his 'Cobra' and put a lid on the basket! "

Wang, Cobra-.......go figure!

Marcus On Mellie's (Prez's wife) faux pas: "We all get a case of foot & mouth disease from time to time"

Mouthy Mellie started trending immediately on Twitter!

Senator Meyers' wife to Liv ( after the latter discovered that the former had played her) : "We all deserve a second chance"

Y'all know I can't do this without a Liv quote: "Quitting is not an option"

It is one of my missions in life to convert y'all to lovers of this show!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Of SAF, Machiavelli, Greatness and a book

Of SAF, Machiavelli, Greatness and a book

Sir Alex Ferguson's ( SAF) autobiography was released a few days ago

“Men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.”

"the appearance of virtue" is more important than virtue itself" - Niccolo Machiavelli

"Machiavellian" -a by-word for treachery, sneakiness, ambition, and ruthlessness.

Not too many will disagree that this description fits SAF

You'd not be able to point to too many successful people in the world without some of these negative attributes. Unfortunately!

I'm not sure why the revelations in this book are surprising to some though. There have been discussions about the hypocrisy and double-standards of the great Manager on many occasions in the past

For SAF- the end justifies the means ( another Machiavellian principle)

He has a strong sense of right and wrong even in the face of overwhelming odds ( check out the link to a Guardian article on the book here and a Racehorse tiff which describes this famous sense here

I'm surprised how the title of the book escaped editing though!

My Autobiography!! ( 'My the book I wrote about my life' )

Call the redundancy police, somebody!

'Autobiography' alone should have sufficed, in my opinion


Saturday, 19 October 2013

EPL: Chelsea 4- Cardiff City 1

EPL: Chelsea 4- Cardiff City 1

5 words to describe Chelsea today- Our Striker scored a goal!!

Starting XI today for Chelsea-(4-2-3-1):

Petr Cech, Ryan Bertrand, John Terry, David Luiz, Branislav Ivanovic, Frank Lampard, Ramires, Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Willian, Samuel Eto'o

Story of the first half

The visitors were content for Chelsea to have most of the ball as they sat with 10 men behind the ball. Not for the first time this season, Chelsea struggled to break such opposition play down

Then 2 absolutely hilarious blunders-

The first around 10' : David Luiz's trademark 5 seconds of madness. It was a goal out of nothing for the visitors. Marshall hammers a long down field. Ramires pokes the ball back towards his own goal, Luiz leaves it (brain fart moment!! ) and the Cardiff striker, Mutch races in to dink over the onrushing Cech.

33' . Marshall, the Cardiff goalkeeper, decided to better David Luiz' gaffe.

Eto'o nicks the ball off Marshall as he bounces it. Hazard gathers and squares. Eto'o can't bundle home, but the ball breaks loose again to Hazard who can.

First half stats for Chelsea

95% possession, 12 shots at goal, 2 on target

The second half was more lively as Cardiff became bolder in their forward play. This created more space for the Chelsea attack and it was end to end stuff at some point

Oscar replaced Mata at the 59' min and Betrand made way for Torres at about the 63'

This changed the formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-5-2. The gamble almost backfired as the Cardiff strikers had acres of space on the left of the Chelsea box around the 65' but they didn't make it count

67' Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Eto'o receives the ball to his feet in the box ( from a lovely Hazard pass)

dinks to the right, making the defender slide by, then finishes with powerful shot low into the corner. Goaaaaaaaallll!!

Mourinho, just as he did at Carrow Road a few weeks back, gambled by moving to three defenders. And, once again, the move paid off.

Mourinho moved to four at the back almost immediately following the goal ( 69') with Cesar Azpilicueta coming on for Eto'o, and the rest of the match was a coast.

70' Mourinho started raging at something and was giving Anthony Taylor ( linesman) a hard time. The referee comes across to have a word and the Chelsea boss is sent to the stands. He moves about three rows back from where he was.

He can do no wrong at Stamford Bridge though-the fans started chanting " HE SITS WHERE HE WANTS, HE SITS WHERE HE WANTS!


Oscar added a stunning goal, one that shaved the crossbar as it whisked past Marshall (77') before Hazard wrapped up the day's scoring in the 82nd minute- the Cardiff goalie should've done better with the attempted save. He had a forgettable day - to be honest

He did save a tame Willian effort around the 79', this was off brilliant counter-attacking play by Hazard


Eto'o finally got that goalless monkey off his back. To be honest, he'd done pretty little wrong apart from scoring a goal since arriving. His runs, passes , link up play and defensive work are impressive. I have a feeling he'll be massive for us this season

John Terry - imperious at the back as usual. Definitely our most dependable defender. To think some were writing him off after last season

Hazard is back!! He looked sharper, fitter and hungry today

Oscar is going through a purple patch at the moment. That's his 5th goal this season

Congrats to Cech on his 300th appearance today. He pulled off a couple of Cech-esque saves to mark the occasion

Bertrand was impressive at LB. Ashley Cole better watch his back!!


We still struggle to break down teams that play with 10 behind the ball. This is baffling - considering the kind of Gaffer we have. You'd think that wing play is the key in this situation. Unfortunately, Hazard and Willian keep on cutting in, when they have the ball, and choking the middle more

Also, Ivanovic can still not cross the ball if his life depended on it.

I wish Azpi will get more game time. So many teams will play this defensive style ( particularly at the Bridge) and we need to find the right formula to break them down

I refuse to comment on Torres' cameo today. I'm in a good mood!

We are 2nd in the League table, level with Liverpool by points but better Goals difference

...and better kits too

It can only get better with this team. This should be scary for our rivals attempting the first fart after a bout of diarrhoea!


Friday, 18 October 2013

Scandal 3x03 - "Mrs Smith Goes to Washington"

Scandal 3x03 - "Mrs Smith Goes to Washington"

It's getting more heated on Scandal!

Highlights of this week's episode:

Liv's handling of the Bomb scare scene-

Olivia Pope NEVER needs a trim. Her ends are fierce and fearless, forever!

helpingheroespr: If only Congress had Olivia Pope... Washington needs a Washington!

Mellie's drunk scene-

alphatheta87: Mellie's ( President's wife) drunk scene was a MASTERPIECE!! @BellamyYoung is AWESOME!! #Scandal

Check out part of her monologue with her husband present:

"..As long as she ( Olivia Pope) is still alive, she is your FLAW!...your Achilles' heel....which makes her my weapon.."

Watch the clip here

David Rosen's face off with Cyrus was also worthy of mention-

....and Rowan/Eli Pope (Liv's father) has his hold on everyone in this show, including Olivia

What the heck is Operation Remington?


Friday, 11 October 2013

Scandal Season 3, Ep 2- Guess who's coming to dinner

Scandal Season 3, Ep 2- Guess who's coming to dinner
Spoiler Alert!!
Things we learnt from the latest episode:
No one is touching Olivia Pope when it comes to Twitter. She's running things! (Pix 1)
Joe Morton ( Rowan Pope, Liv's dad) is the kind of guy who make you want to send cards to your Dad at Xmas. He's cold calculating, possessive and ruthless!
He was the guy dumped by Whitley Gilbert ( Jasmine Guy) at the Wedding on the 90s sit-com, 'A Different World' Surprise, surprise! (Pix 3)
Mellie ( Bellamy Young, President's wife) is a Schemer. Would stop at nothing to protect her interest
Cyrus (Jeff Perry) to Mellie- You're Evil
Mellie to Cyrus- You're Welcome
Prez Fitz is soooo whipped by Liv
His balls are in her purse.... Figuratively!
Huck ( Guillermo Diaz) is pissed at Liv's 'betrayal' Jake Ballard ( Scott Foley) is alive and back!
Even Barack O knows the ish- Liv is Ms 'Fix It'! (Pix 4)
It's Handled!
Get with the Programme Y'all!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Scandal -Olivia Pope: "It's Handled"

Scandal -Olivia Pope: "It's Handled"

Scandal -Season 3, Episode 1: It's Handled

Scandal is back y'all

The Premiere of season 3 was filled with powerful dialogues, plots and subplots

-It's about the public knowledge of President Fitz having an affair with Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington) and the plans for damage limitation

But the buzz all over Twitter is about everything Olivia Pope-

Her Wardrobe:

Olivia Pope's white Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 jacket had women going oohs and aahs on Twitter all night. Her tv wardrobe is EPIC

Hear “@WendyWilliams: . @ScandalABC is INSANE! You better work Olivia Pope with that jacket and Prada purse. SERIOUS!!!!!!” Lol

Her quotes:

"It's Handled"

"I Am MANY Things... STUPID Is Not One Of Them!!!"

"In order for me to do my job effectively, I'm going to need you to refrain from calling me a whore! least not to my face"


Dad- "you're running out of options"

Olivia- "I always have options"

Yeah, she's got a cult following alright!!

Please Iyanla, fix Olivia Pope's life!! Lol

That babe can do no wrong right now. For real!

It's handled!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

UEFA Champions League- Chelsea routs Steaua

UEFA Champions League- Chelsea routs Steaua

Steaua Bucharest: 0 - Chelsea 4

A Chelsea fan's view

This was the Schurrle show!!

First XI on the night: Cech, Ivanovic, D Luiz, Terry (c), Cole; Ramires, Lampard; Mata, Oscar, Schurrle; Torres

Chelsea were so much better than their host in all the departments of the game that you could say the eventual scoreline flattered the home team

Torres picked up a knock to his knee around the 8th min, and was replaced by Eto'o

Schurrle had the beating of the Steaua RB , Georgievski all game. In the 19th min, after beating him for the umpteenth time, he put in a pass for Eto'o whose scuffed shot fell kindly for Ramires. The Brazilian stabbed the ball beyond the keeper and in at the far post. Deserved first goal

About the 43 mins Mata threads a cracking ball through for Eto'o ( gosh, how we have missed this kind of passes from the diminutive one! ) The striker's burst of pace got him into the box, he beat his marker with a sharp turn but his effort was parried by the Steaua goalie only to see...wait for it... Georgievski clattering into the parried ball and hurtling into the net after it. 2- nil!

Mata hit the woodwork around the 50th minute after the best play around the box by the away team- a few crisps short passes and a delightful Oscar backheel ensured Mata had a clear sight of goal. It was unfortunate that this brilliant play didn't get the goal it deserved

About the 55th minute, a fantastic show-and-go from Schurrle on the hapless Georgievski on half-way, saw him past his man The German picks out Oscar, who prods it to Ramires to hammer home his second of the night. 3- nil!

Azpilicueta replaces Oscar and Willian replaces Mata with about 10-11 mins to go

Cech hurt his back while trying to save a deft chip around the 76th minute ( he could as well have being on holiday sans this effort by the host )

Georgievski was replaced soon after ( eventually put out of his misery, really)

90th minute- The icing on the cake: Frank Lampard finishes off a swift move. Eto'o surges down the left and finds Willian, who unselfishly slots the ball back to the edge of the area. Lampard strokes the ball in off the far post. Goal!

It wasn't more than Chelsea deserved for a very dominant performance


- Schurrle was huge! I'm sure he'd wish he plays Georgievski every week!

He epitomised everything good about wing play yesterday- direct, runs at defenders, gets behind them, neat dribbling, energetic and tracks back well, good final pass

- Ramires is our new big man- he has a knack for scoring in big games now.

- Mata is a Conductor. Simple

-David Luiz rules! He is a proactive CB rather than a reactive one like Cahill

- I was happy with Eto’o’s performance even though his finishing was still not there. He seemed much more integrated into the team play and was involved in each of the goals. I hope he breaks his duck against Norwich


Not a lot in this game, unsurprisingly.

-this team needs to kill off the opposition when they are on top. At 1-0 up, they just lacked the cutting edge in front of goal, this allowed the opposition into the game briefly until that second goal was scored. Against better opposition, Chelsea may be punished for not making this period of ascendancy count

-Torres' knee injury. Just when you think he's finding form, this happens! Rotten luck. We hope the injury isn't something major

- Oscar seemed a bit sloppy and shot happy- particularly in the first half. He did improve in the second half though

A 4-0 win was just what the doctor ordered for CL progression and general team morale. Steaua wasn't great opposition to be fair but I’m hoping this result and performance will help guide this team into our next match and beyond

Blue is the colour, football is the game, Chelsea is our name. CHELSEA!

NB- Mourinho's hugging of Schurrle was symbolic. It just shows you what he's trying to do in his second coming. He won't 'spare the rod' but you'll 'get toffees' if you're a good boy. Haters would always hate his method though. It is what it is!


Monday, 30 September 2013

Breaking Bad Season 5: 'Felina'

Breaking Bad Season 5: 'Felina'

Felina- anagram for finale

"Our integrity, our actions to others, that’s what governs who we are"

Walter White in settling score mode before the last hurrah

-created a Trust fund for his son through his slimy former acquaintances Walter White fashion

-visited his family one last time and took responsibility ( see pix)

-took out the idiotic neo-Nazis (Jesse had some sort of closure too)

-died on his own terms. ( 'cos he's smarter than you! )

Snippets from the reviews of the finale


Breaking Bad- The 'Say Hello To My Little Friend' finale

AKA- Comeuppance Day

If you have to go, go out on top

Not only did Vince Gilligan's five-season, hyper-violent prose poem to midlife male frustration tie up virtually every loose end in sight, it contained the Holy Grail of all storytelling: an Actual Moment of Truth -"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really ... I was alive."

Breaking Bad is a Western. A Western is meant to go out with a bang, and Breaking Bad went out with about 40 of them per second (plus a dose of ricin). Sorry, Lydia!

It closed out a great series in style, with visual flair, action, and a thorough lack of phony redemption. Heck, Badfinger's Baby Blue " I guess I got what I deserved" was the soundtrack at the end. #Apt

Walter was back as 'Heisenberg' -ending his problems and his enemies with DaVincian invention and Machiavellian manipulation

He isn't sorry for what he did but he regrets some of the consequences. He goes about achieving a victory the way he defines it: not because it is right, but because he is good at it. He is the bad guy out to get the worse guys. Is it Justice? It’s what Just Is....and that is Life! #Deep

His plans are a success. He watches his enemies defeated, his voice the last they hear. He ends things on his terms. It is over when Heisenberg says it’s over.

But it’s still a mystery why that talented chemist turned his back on fame and fortune and became a humble high school chemistry teacher. It's one secret that Walter White took to his grave

What a Tv show!!

To Vince Gilligan and the entire cast/crew, I say: "Thanks for making Bad sooo good!!"


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tottenham Hotspurs 1- Chelsea 1

Tottenham Hotspurs 1- Chelsea 1

Four words to describe the London derby from The Blues point of view: Mata is Chelsea's finest.

*Ay, Caramba!! *

That second half performance is the best Chelsea has put up all season. Much so that it felt like 2 points lost rather than a point gained at the end of that. Mourinho takes some blame again for the wrong selection/ formation in the first half

We bossed a good Spurs side up until the Torres red card.

Chelsea's starting XI : Cech; Ivanovic, D Luiz, Terry, Cole; Mikel, Lampard; Ramires, Oscar, Hazard; Torres

Mata was left on the bench at the start for the umpteenth time this season.

The Chelsea team selection essentially handed the initiative to Spurs and they accepted it with glee

Spurs Christian Eriksen was the main creative force in a first half and the £11.5m signing ( what a steal! ) from Ajax easily escaped Frank Lampard after 19 minutes and played in Roberto Soldado. Sigurdsson was quicker to Soldado's lay-off than Terry to slide his finish past Chelsea keeper Petr Cech. Goal for Spurs!

Townsend gave Ashley Cole a torrid time with his pace and trickery on the right wing in that half and Spurs should have doubled their lead just before half-time.

The Chelsea defence was carved open again but Paulinho could only hit the upright. Chelsea rarely threatened in this half, Ramires was frustrated on the right wings and Hazard though wonderful when tracking back, wasn't great going forward. Torres looked lively though and was playing on the shoulder of the central defender

He was caught offside in this position on a few instances all game

Things changed in the second half

Mata came in for Mikel at the start of the second half, Ramires joined Lampard in the pivot and Oscar moved to the left wing.

Chelsea was now playing with more belief, Torres was like a man on a mission and Mata started doing what he does best- finding the right passes. Oscar just couldn't reach a squared pass in the box- off beautiful play by Torres, Lloris saved at Torres feet minutes later- again after brilliant play by the striker as he took on the Spurs defenders and beat them.

Torres saw yellow after he tripped Vertonghen about the 50th min but he could easily have been sent off when he appeared to have held and scratched the Spurs defenders face after fouling him

The deserved equaliser came in the 64th minute- a John Terry header off a brilliant delivery into the box by the mercurial Mata.

Chelsea looked like the team that would win it thereafter.

But Torres got a second yellow card and was sent off around the 80th minute- for another challenge on Vertonghen

This was undeserved though as the defender appeared to have conned the Ref into making the decision. There had between a lot of bickering and niggles between both players prior to this incidence.

Hazard was replaced by Schurrle later on while Azpilicueta was brought in for Oscar after Torres was sent off. The German missed a gilt edge chance when he was one on one with Lloris. He hit the ball against the on rushing Keeper with his shot when he should have tried a chip

Defoe was introduced for Soldado and he looked more dangerous than the Spaniard. Chelsea were going to settle for a point by keeping the shape in their half - after going one man down

That was what they got


Chelsea looked like the team the faithfuls had been expecting all season in the second half

A hungry pacy Torres who plays on the shoulder of defenders, is not afraid to take on defenders is a goooooooooood thing! It's a shame it ended in expulsion today ( just like at QPR 2 seasons ago ) as this was his best game in a Chelsea shirt in my opinion.

Dear Torres, be fired up but keep your temper in check. Thank you

Oscar is a good player but he has nothing on Mata. I hope he (Mata) has cemented his place in the starting eleven with today’s performance

Chelsea needs Mata like air in the lungs. He just makes things happen for us. In all this, the dimunitive midfielder was a study in grace and humility off field. The consummate professional! Hat doffed!


I wish Schurrle would finish better, he tracks back well and is full of running . The German just needs to get 'how to chip a goalkeeper' lessons from Ramires. He could easily have got 3-4 goals this season if his finishing was up to scratch

Hazard has been decent with his defensive work but he needs to give more going forward. He has the pace and trickery to do to defenders what Townsend did to Ashley Cole in the first half today

Ramires is more threatening in the pivot where he can wreck havoc with his pace going forward. He is useless at the wings- he simply doesn't have the guile or requisite skill in that position

It's looking good! With our rivals also dropping points, today's performance portends great things going into the future


Friday, 27 September 2013

Football-This week in songs

Football-This week in songs


-visits Spurs for an early kick- off game tomorrow.

You'd be foolish not to worry about this Spurs side. They've bought very well and are a better side since Bale's departure.

Flavour says " Baby, I dey catch cold, Oyi natumo"

But we've mostly had the upper hand in recent times and there's no reason for this to change if Mourinho gets the tactics and selection right tomorrow.

Certainly, Spurs wouldn't be playing with 10 men behind the ball. This should free up space for our creative players and our misfiring strikers- something they haven't enjoyed all season

Man City

I wouldn't want to be playing Man City right now- so I do not envy Villa's task tomorrow. Illbliss tells Villa: you'd be blown away! '' U go wound o!"

They have so many in-form players; so many players that can really hurt you ( and I'm not talking about their intimidating physique). Jovetic's brace in midweek further emphasises the depth in this squad.

Micah Richard is also back after his injury lay-off.

D'banj says they are hot ''Mo gbono feli feli"

Man Utd

How good was Chicharito's goal in midweek? Pretty good! Everybody was blaming Jose Enrique for losing his marker but Chicarito's movement was too good. He tricked his marker by moving backward then ran forward and left him for dead as the cross came in.

Great fox in the box play. I don't know why he doesn't play often in this team. Dr Dre says that lad is " Nuthin' but a G Thing"

They welcome West Brom tomorrow


Steven Gerrard having appeared to have reached the stage in his career where going all out for 90 minutes even once a week is a difficult ask.

Some Liverpool fans say: we love him. Fat Joe says " What's luv got to do with it"

Lucas is in the Brazilian team picture again. Some would say Liverpool punched above their weight in the first month of the season-hence their current position is just about right. They visit Sunderland in 2 days


Even the youths have imbibed this winning mentality earlier on in the season- as evidenced at West Brom midweek. Some of us still think a lack of depth will be their Achilles Heel though. Their fans would have none of it. Dagrin says they've got a big mouth like "Pon Pon Pon" .

In other news:

Arsenal announced yesterday that the club has reduced ticket prices for traveling fans by the rather slim margin of £2.50 per game . I don't know how much this would cheer their fans up. But, hey, they've got the panacea- Ozil!! Arsenal visits Swansea tomorrow

Real Madrid

Ancelotti's team is struggling to play their football when the game is not comfortable from the start.

4-4-2 is not working - particularly away from home. The midfielders have too much ground to cover between the lines . Some think 4-2-3-1 is the answer.

Some also feel either of Carvajal or Marcelo should be starting at FB. These are the two fullbacks that can take responsibility in the attacking end. Arbeloa and Coentrao are safe but offer little threat going forward.

Some fans like Ginuwine say: Trust Ancelotti cos he's the 'same Ol' G'

Real welcomes Athletico Madrid tomorrow

Barcelona FC

-are scoring goals for fun

Following the goals scored by Sergio Busquets and Marc Bartra midfield, no fewer than 11 different players have now scored for FCB in 9 official matches this season.

Messi-Neymar combo seem to be working but the talking point this week as to be Messi's tantrum-throwing following late substitution.

Wizkid says even "Sisi Nene" would be envious of such a hissy fit

Barca visits Almeria tomorrow

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

League Cup- Chelsea 2- Swindon 0

League Cup -Chelsea 2- Swindon 0

4 words -Still in second gear

Or perhaps there is no upper gear!! *panics* *starts Zen breathing* *makes a note to self*: *CalmTFdown*

This team played like the B team indeed

This game should have been half about players laying down a marker to those currently preferred by the manager and half trying to build some real momentum as a squad in terms of both convincing performance and result. Sadly this match provided neither!

Chelsea starting lineup (4-2-3-1):

Mark Schwarzer | Ryan Bertrand, David Luiz, Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueta | Marco van Ginkel, Michael Essien | Willian, Juan Mata, Kevin De Bruyne | Fernando Torres

Van Ginkel was injured earlier on and replaced by Ramires- after picking up a knee injury ( it looked nasty on slo-mo! and there are reports that he's 'done his cruciates' ) The substitute was later substituted due to an undisclosed injury (Terry was introduced and David Luiz moved into midfield)

There was a period in the first half when the axis of Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, and Ramires absolutely dominated proceedings and created two goals just between themselves. The first -a wonderful pass from Ramires letting the smallest man with the biggest chip on his shoulder ( Mata) in on the Swindon goal.

The Goalie parried the shot but Torres was on the spot and tucked home the rebound.

Five minutes later, Torres turned provider-releasing Ramires who doesn't miss often when he gets to chip a goalkeeper. Two-nil and we looked like getting plenty more.

Alas! Once Ramires left there was disorganisation in midfield and it was a catalogue of missed opportunities in front. Swindon never really threatened at the other end

Torres always looks good against the minnows, does he not? He could have had a hat trick in this match but for his poor finishing ( ..,and a few trademark hilarious Torresian moments! ) #KingOfTheMinnows


We won and are in the next round! Better than Basel init !?! Glass half full ( stay with me here! )

Your spirituality is not complete until you live a life of appreciation. You know: less cynical, more pollyanna *waves church hanky*

There has to be an upper gear for this team. Hopefully we get to see it at White Hart Lane over the weekend. Otherwise we could be at the end of a Man Utd -type shellacking ( learnt Spurs put 4 past Villa away yesterday!! )

-Essien has still got it. I really loved his driving runs through the centre

The ideal pivot may yet be Essien/Mikel but I think Mourinho'd prefer Ramires/Mikel

-Betrand can lay claim to Cole's position at LB, if only he can improve the quality of his crosses


- Mata.....well let's just say he has played better in a Chelsea shirt ( it was almost hilarious watching him try to do a Gennaro Gattuso in defensive duties with his petite frail frame! ) It is easy to blame it on the pressure of the 'Mourinho challenge' in the Press but quite a few others also had below average games too- e.g Willian, KDB

They come across like kids being forced to eat their spinach, a lot less fun!

-the transition from a defence to attack is still too slow. Hence the laboured performance in the centre

-this team doesn't score enough goals ( yet! ) They are profligate in front of goal- this was again evident today in the second half. No fluidity and making wrong decisions in the final third. Every attacking player was a culprit

But I have a feeling that things will be better against Spurs over the weekend ( I hope it does. I'm going all Morgan Freeman here- Hope is a good thing! )

Spurs are at home and I don't see them playing with 10 men behind the ball. This should open up space for our attacking players ( something we've not had or lacked the ingenuity to create all season)

The boys have to earn their spurs against Spurs

So in the words of Ronald Reagan "go out there, boys, and win one for the Gipper!"


Monday, 23 September 2013

Football- Few weekend bites

Football- Few weekend bites

Spurs were really struggling for...Penetration ..before Paulinho's goal! (Pun intended)- pix 1 (key- look at his shorts)

Will Balotelli miss a penalty? ( after scoring 22 from 22)
Yes!! Pepe Reina got his tactics right to make the save - pix 2

Di Canio's gone but he'll live forever on this Sunderland fan's back- pix 3

Make that 5 in 6 for Isco! A playmaker who'll get you goals - pix 4


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Chelsea 2- Fulham 0, Mikel Scores

Chelsea 2- Fulham 0, Mikel Scores

Four words to describe this poor game: Mikel Scored A Goal!

Jose Mourinho: “I came back for Mikel Obi To Score Goals” ( It's A Joke, y'all! )

Back four today were -Ivanovic , Cahill , Terry , Cole , pivot -Ramires , Mikel , band of 3 Schurrle , Oscar , Hazard while Eto'o led the line

-Mourinho deeming Juan Mata not even worthy of a place on the substitutes' bench!

Positives - 3 points in the bag, top of the table

Why our rivals should be afraid: this Chelsea team is currently playing uninspiring football but still at the summit of the EPL or in touching distance. It's going to get better. It simply has to with the quality of players in this team.

Surely a team containing Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle & Ramires with Mata & Willian in reserve can't continue to be boring to watch every week!

This team is still not playing to its potentials

The match:

We were fortunate not to be a goal down at the interval as Darren Bent spurned the opportunity to give Fulham an early lead.

The first half and a large chunk of the second half was the story of our season so far- slow build up from the back, too many sideways pass, all motion,no movement, poor execution in the box, poor final pass, getting turned over frequently resulting in dangerous counter attacks against us

Abramovich wasn't too pleased in the stands

Summary: A lot of huffing and puffing, and a whole lot of nothing in the first half. Marginally better in the second

Oscar got the opener in the second half after the Fulham goalie spilled a Schurlle cross, giving Eto'o a lucky bite of the cherry- this was blocked. But the ball fell kindly for Oscar who slotted home

A word on Oscar:

Mourinho has come out to say Oscar is his No 10

Oscar is a good player but he has nothing on Mata

Oscar’s ability to control a pass is orders of magnitude worse than Juan Mata's – the ball just seems to stick to Mata’s foot no matter how hard/bad the pass was.

Oscar is a better grafter though

Mourinho- please don't let me start hating Oscar 'cos of your refusal to play Mata!

The Jury is still out on Andre Schurrle ( who was replacing Mata in this team) You can't fault his effort though and he had great assist stats today- he created 7 chances- 4 more than any other player

The Man of the Moment:

His name is Mikel!

He scores when he wants

He scores when he waaaaaants

John Obi Mikel, he rarely wants to score!!

On Chelsea's 13th corner of the match, the moment arrived!

A corner, an assist by John Terry ( header) a half volley by Mikel: The net shook. Goal!!

Mikel has scored more than Gerrard, Coutinho, Schürrle, Santi, Torres, Theo, Defoe, Fellaini, Mata, Hazard & KDB in the league this season.

Mikel has scored more goals than all our strikers combined!!

Eto'o : fired blanks again. Not blaming him though. The way Chelsea plays at the moment, chances are a premium for our strikers. He was replaced by Torres midway in the second half

Hazard- Nothing has changed (in his poor form) all season

Frank Lampard comes on for Chelsea on 80 mins, replacing Andre Schurrle, while De Bruyne had a few minutes too- replacing Hazard

It's hardly been an ideal start to the season. But for now, Chelsea are top of the table....and....and John Obi Mikel has found his way onto the scoresheet!!

That, I think, calls for some smiles.

John Obi Mikel scored the goal that secured top spot in the Premier League for Chelsea!!!!

Mental. Absolutely mental!!