Monday, 18 November 2013

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier!

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier!

Episode 8 'Necromancer'

-Ichabod learns how to Fist bump #Cool

When it comes to quotes, Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones) is the gift that keeps on giving!"

Check out his latest quote ( with a look of incredulity on his face) after Ichabod suggested getting Abbie's 'mental' sister and 'the undead' , Brooks ( who still holds unrequited feelings for Abbie) to help interrogate ...wait for it...the Headless Horseman!

*you can make this stuff up!!*

The quote:

"...A dead guy, a mental patient and a Time traveller from the Revolution

Abbie Mills' 'take it or leave it' response: "That's our team!"

They've blown the original story to smithereens a good way

Did I forget to mention that Brooks is the Necromancer?

-One appointed to speak for the dead!


Please don't steal a Hessian's fiancée or you'll kickstart the Apocalypse!

Oh, Sleepy Hollow!

It's amazing and fun and beautiful and perfect and I don’t think my heart can take much more....but I'll try!

Please get with the program, y'all

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