Monday, 30 June 2014

World Cup: Thoughts on the Nigerian Team

World Cup: Thoughts on the Nigerian Team

Nigeria was eliminated from the World Cup yesterday after losing 0-2 to France in the Second Round

Before the match: Pepisco. D. Pepeiye wrote: "Lord Jesus, remember that France is a country of sin. They started the French kiss. Hold that sin against them, Father"

However, you can't give what you don't have. The Nigerian team is simply a counter-attacking one that lacks creativity in the middle and lacks goal scorers in front.

This problem was evident in the Friendlies just before the World Cup and in the matches at the World Cup

Forget about Musa's brace against Argentina. It was an unlikely act

Nigeria played better in the first half against France 'cos the French got their selection wrong. Benzema should play through the middle and Griezmann should be the supporting act ( instead of Giroud through the middle and Benzema supporting from the wings) Once this was rectified, 'water found its level'

General thoughts about Nigerian players

Enyeama- is the best African goalkeeper to grace any World Cup in my opinion. Likeable guy, Great shot-stopper, excellent reflexes.He needs to work on his only weakness: crosses

Oshaniwa and Efe Ambrose - physically imposing but limited skills on the ball. Nobody rates highly a FB who cannot play like a wing back with important contributions while going forward ( assists) in the modern game

I was impressed by the youthful Kenneth Omeruo at CB. However he needs to work on defending set pieces and crosses better

I hope this was Yobo's last game for the Super Eagles?

Mikel was the biggest disappointment in that problematic midfield. He played too deep ( with Onazi) and thus there was poor link between midfield and attack.

Babatunde appeared to find his own, in that No 10 role, against the Argentines, before his unfortunate injury.

Moses disappointed against Iran and against the French in that role

You're going to lack imagination upfront as a team without a proper No 10

Emenike was frequently isolated upfront and often didn't get quality passes due to the problems highlighted above.

However, the few times he did get the ball at his feet, his hold up play wasn't great. Little wonder he fired blanks in 4 matches. Strength is good but guile is better. Colombia's James Rodriguez anyone? :-)

I loved the way Odemwingie grafted in all the games, however forwards are always judged by goals and assists. He wasn't stellar on both counts. I can't help feeling that he has passed his prime

Ahmed Musa- speedster with poor decision making and final balls. Gets easily bullied by defenders. This is why he doesn't score more goals

I suppose elimination at this stage can't be viewed as disappointing in the grand scheme of things in Nigeria.....Boko Haram, bombs, kidnappings, inept leadership and all. Keshi tried his best in the circumstances :-)

Afterall, does anyone plant Cassava and expect to reap Yam?

So, #BringbackOurBoys



Thursday, 19 June 2014

Luis Suarez- Nemesis

Luis Suarez- Nemesis

World Cup: Uruguay 2- England 1

His name is Luis Suarez. He is a world class finisher!

Classy header for first

Ruthless right foot shot for his second

He was the difference tonight!

Rooney's equaliser



Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Spain: Tiki Taka, Tada!

Spain: Tiki Taka, Tada!

The Spanish national team was eliminated from the World Cup today after losing for the second time in as many games ( 0-2 to a brilliant Chile side)

It's the age-old question: do you pick players in form or do you use the players who've come good for you in the past?

Vicente Del Bosque chose the latter with this Spanish team. The wrong option!!

Casillas played only cup games for Real Madrid last season

He should have been dropped after the Holland game

The Barca contingent, who formed the nucleus of this team, won nothing last season

The best midfielder in La Liga last season, Gabi, wasn't even chosen

Spain's game doesn't suit Diego Costa. He wasn't fully fit anyway

You need goals and your go to man is Fernando Torres??

A half fit Llorente or Negredo is better than a fully fit Torres. I say that as a Chelsea fan!

There is a way not to lose your title. This is it!!

Tiki Taka, Tada!


Fargo finale "“Morton’s Fork”

Fargo finale ""Morton’s Fork"

*Spoiler Alert*

( Morton's Fork -named for a rhetorical device in which two arguments lead to the same bad conclusion *slow nod* )

This miniseries did a fantastic job with using symbolism and parables to give the show a philosophical undercurrent.

It's enjoyable tv with plenty of material mined from its narrative -if you’re willing to dig a little bit, or pay close attention to the things characters tell each other.

What makes Fargo not just a powerful show but a pleasurable one–is that it sets Malvo and Lester against a larger background of goodness. puts it thus: "It is not a simple black-hat vs. white-hat show, because it’s concerned not with heroism or nobility but something both more common and more interesting: decency"

Hear Bemidji Police Chief Bill Ostwalt ( Bob Odenkirk, remember Saul Goodman of 'Breaking Bad' ? ) :

"..Don’t got the stomach for it. Not like some. Wearing the badge, seeing the things people are capable of, the inhumanity...

Whatever happened to: saying good morning to your neighbours, shovelling their walks, bringing in their totters .

I used to have positive opinions about the world, about people, used to think the best. Now, I'm looking over my shoulders. An unquiet mind, that's what the wife calls it."

How poetic that Lorne Malvo fixed his compound fracture, saw a wolf, then Gus appeared with the answer to his riddle

A wolf will bite off its own leg to survive.

How poetic that timid Gus was the reluctant hero at the end..gunning down the big bad wolf, Lorne Malvo ( after solving the riddle: Humans see more shades of green than any other colour 'cos we've evolved to be predators! )

How poetic that Lester sprinted onto thin ice, thought he was getting away with it until he finally fell through.

Great miniseries! 8-|

Highly recommended!




Monday, 16 June 2014

Game of Thrones S04E10 "The Children"

Game of Thrones S04E10 "The Children"

Valar Morghulis- All men must die

Valar Dohaeris - All men must serve

Stannis Baratheon ('the one true king of the Seven Kingdoms' ) : He was the only one who cared enough to answer The Night's Watch plea for help.

Check out the line discipline of his Riders! !

...and that choreographed dismount from their horses ( which included Davos and some of his Generals) was just awesome.

So The Mountain is not dead ...and would reappear different after the Maester 'works his magic in the lab' . "You should know the process may change him"

Cersei to Tywin: "Everything they say is true about Jaime and me.... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD!"

Using her own incest as blackmail- That's A+ levels of blackmail

That stare by the Red Lady, Melisandre at Jon Snow....Ha! Remember Ygritte?

I think Jon Snow has a thing for Red heads!!

What is Daenerys doing wrong regarding Dragon-rearing?

She better rubs that Dragon's nose in the kid's bones before it forgets what it did!

I guess she has to get rid of the title "Breaker of Chains" after this episode!

(How about "Forger of way bigger chains" )

That there! ... was "How to Chain Your Dragons"

Daenerys sets everyone free and then chains up her dragons... What an incredible parallel!

Jojen managed to die in this episode, Bran cast his badass ish on Hodor while the children rocked by throwing fireballs at ruthless skeletons ...and meeting a creepy old Tree dude named the 3-eyed raven!

Brienne vs The Hound fight: Wooooooh!!

It was a constant mix of "EFF YEAH! Wait! No! I like him/her! Aaaahh!"

I think that was the dirtiest fight on the show to date. There were kicks in the balls, in the....err.., ears bitten off, insane female screams and fractured limbs!!

Watching crocked The Hound begging to be killed was actually heartbreaking. In that moment Arya graduated into a true stone cold bitch.

Varys- his reaction to the ringing bells was just plain hilarious. It was like "Eff this sh*t, I'm out"


Tywin Lannister. the richest, most powerful man in Westeros. Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, and Hand of the King. Died in his pajamas while taking a sh*t

Gets laid, drops a deuce, gets shot with a crossbow point blank by your dwarf son...on Fathers Day! . What a way to exit this sinful world!


Jojen- is Dead.

Two of three Dragons- are Locked up.

Shae-is Dead.

Tywin- is Dead.

The Hound- will probably Die.

The Mountain- Maybe dead- depending on what that guy's mad science does.

Tyrion- is Exiled ( or on the run)

Arya-is Now joining up with a group of assassins.

Stannis- is The Mannis.

Wildlings- are Defeated.

Cersei- Crazier ( and more incestuous) by the day.

Gendry- is Still rowing.

Bran- Can't walk but may fly.

Children of the Forest- do Exist.

Jaime- incestuous as ever, totally saved his brother from certain death

Baelish- did not appear in this episode, but still a son-of-a-bitch.

Varys- Peaces out

3-Eyed Crow- is Actually a tree man

Hodor- is Hodor

Brienne- Bit a guy's ear off ( ugly, formidable and brutal as ever)

Podrick- Is a crummy squire

The Roose- is Still loose

Season 5- cannot start soon enough!

NB: Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.

Daenerys titles were why this episode was at least 6 minutes longer



Monday, 9 June 2014

Game of Thrones S04E09 "The Watchers On The Wall" : MyTake

Game of Thrones S04E09 "The Watchers On The Wall" : MyTake

**Spoiler Alert**

This was about the Brothers of the Night's Watch defending the Wall against Mance Rayder's Army ( including Wildlings, Mammoth-riding Giants!! :-o)

Never thought I would appreciate Ser Alliser ( 'cos he always seem to frustrate Jon Snow at The Wall) but I liked him in this episode ( he led by example in the defence of The Wall-before he was injured by Tormund)


Next week it's hopefully back to hating him!

Pyp- I kid you not, the moment I felt like saying "I like Pyp" the arrow went through his neck. George RR Martin is watching us all!

Never like anyone on this show!!

Sam's acting was immense in this one

When Gilly said to him: "Promise me you won't die." I wanted to ask her: what show do you think this is?

Silly Gilly

Then Sam replied "I promise you I won't die."

At that moment, somewhere in the grave for those with squashed heads:

Oberyn Martell said: "LOL, I said that once"

I've never clapped more than when the huge blade ( the Scythe) swung across the wall and killed all the Wildling climbers

Grenn- is a true brother of The Night's Watch.

When he recited the oath to encourage his other brothers. At that point he became legend to me. He held the gate.....and they killed the Giant!

Fading that scene to black as they all finished chanting their oath made it legendary. ( everybody died at that particular gate! We didn't witness it but we can imagine it)

They probably saved The Seven Kingdoms by losing their lives

( That ape-like Giant ( pix 2) is called Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg better known as Mag The Mighty: your worse nightmare, really!! ( he was killed by the blacksmith, Donal Noye in the books. So the show changed that bit! )

His Bow looks like a tree trunk!! No wonder he shot a brother to the other side of the wall. The other side of the Wall!!

Olly basically shoots an arrow through Ygritte's heart and then gives Jon Snow a nod. That's badass!!

( Ygritte had killed his father in a previous episode)

Jon Snow's fight with Thenn was immense. The latter got an axe in the head for his troubles!

Tormund Giantsbane - was the last Wildling standing as the Brothers repressed the Wildlings following day 1 battle

Lest I forget...

Ser Barristan is the biggest sissy in Westeros. The weakling hid while his brothers were shedding blood to defend The Wall. I'm sure he's on many viewers 'to die' list




Sunday, 8 June 2014

Psy ft Snoop- Hangover

Psy ft Snoop- Hangover

Check out Psy's latest effort, featuring Snoop Dogg, titled "Hangover"

Won't be as popular as Gangnam Style, but still catchy video...and Snoop Dogg brought his rap game to the party, as usual




Blast from the Past- Banky W's Yes/No

Blast from the Past- Banky W's Yes/No

Saw this 2012 Banky W number online.

Wasn't feelin' the cheesy "yes,no,yes,no" chorus, but, overall, it was a decent effort

( mellow tunes, perfect instrumentals, lovely voice)

Perhaps the lads from the film, The Best Man Holiday, swagger-jacked his style too, eh?

( pix 2: when they performed New Edition's Can You Stand The Rain )

Very similar get up




Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Rihanna- Council of Fashion Designers of America ( CFDA) Fashion Icon of the Year.

Rihanna- Council of Fashion Designers of America ( CFDA) fashion Icon of the Year.

The "We Found Love" singer collected the Fashion Icon Award from Anna Wintour last night, an honour previously given to Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman.

Rih Rih: Putting the Ha! in A-Ha!! Every.Single.Time

'Nuff Said



Monday, 2 June 2014

Game of Thrones S04E08- The Mountain & The Viper

Game of Thrones S04E08- The Mountain & The Viper


* majors spoiler alert*

Lessons learnt from this episode:

1. Oberyn ( RIP), this is why you don't start monologuing in the middle of a fight.

Folks this is why you don't taunt when you are ahead. Doesn't matter the sport

When he started asking who ordered his sister's murder, you'd think he would throw his spear at Tywin Lannister. But then this is GoT of course (and George R.R. Martin is the greatest Troll of all ) so sh*t just had to go downhill as usual!!

Pedro Pascal killed that Oberyn Martell role ( pun intended)

Oberyn had his head squashed like an orange by The Mountain but Pedro Pascal shouldn't be short of roles after this. That was top notch acting! I'm buying whatever he's selling next

( if you like gore, you can view that scene here: )

Oberyn could have avoided such a dastardly end but:

He was blinded by revenge

His head exploded by revenge

( I hope you saw what I did there? )

2. Who made Maester Pycelle the hype master

His introduction of the fight was more like 'Get ready to bumble" rather than 'Get ready to rumble" :D

3. Home truth: Never love anyone on this show. They will always die!

( for people who won't be able to see this episode for some time, this is the comic edition of what went down in that bloody scene at the end )

4. Tyrion's speech about the names of all kinds of killing was top draw yet again ( regicide, matricide, patricide, infanticide,suicide... 'cousincide')

When he started talking about the beetles getting CRUSHED ( by his 'simple' cousin Orson) , I should've known what was coming then.

5. Sansa's lying just went into stratospheric territory. That's some Baelish-level manipulation there. She's learning from the best.

Player SansaStark has entered the game!!

6. Just when you think Ser Jorah Mormont's ( Aka Friendzone) story couldn't get any more tragic! He's shown to have betrayed Daenerys right from day 1. The Khaleesi isn't happy and kicks him to the curb

7. Don't mess with the Wildlings. They are a brutal lot. However, Ygritte shows she still has a tender heart, in the midst of the mayhem

8. Guard: Lady Arryn died

The Hound's expression was like ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!

Arya's laughing ( there's no money for you now, Hound) was the icing on the cake in that scene ( this was a few minutes after The Hound had told her: " nothing makes you happy" Apparently bringing murderous justice to evil men and the ridiculous irony of the situation do! )

9. Ramsay Snow & Roose Bolton had a Simba and Mufasa moment- you could almost love that scene in which Lord Bolton gave legitimacy to his bastard son by allowing him adopt his Bolton name. But then you remember that the older stabbed Robb Stark while the younger flays people! So you say to yourself: Never!!

10. Grey Worm may not have stones & a pillar ( go figure what those are! :-) ) but he knows a beautiful naked woman when he sees one- take a bow, Missandei