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Game of Thrones S04E09 "The Watchers On The Wall" : MyTake

Game of Thrones S04E09 "The Watchers On The Wall" : MyTake

**Spoiler Alert**

This was about the Brothers of the Night's Watch defending the Wall against Mance Rayder's Army ( including Wildlings, Mammoth-riding Giants!! :-o)

Never thought I would appreciate Ser Alliser ( 'cos he always seem to frustrate Jon Snow at The Wall) but I liked him in this episode ( he led by example in the defence of The Wall-before he was injured by Tormund)


Next week it's hopefully back to hating him!

Pyp- I kid you not, the moment I felt like saying "I like Pyp" the arrow went through his neck. George RR Martin is watching us all!

Never like anyone on this show!!

Sam's acting was immense in this one

When Gilly said to him: "Promise me you won't die." I wanted to ask her: what show do you think this is?

Silly Gilly

Then Sam replied "I promise you I won't die."

At that moment, somewhere in the grave for those with squashed heads:

Oberyn Martell said: "LOL, I said that once"

I've never clapped more than when the huge blade ( the Scythe) swung across the wall and killed all the Wildling climbers

Grenn- is a true brother of The Night's Watch.

When he recited the oath to encourage his other brothers. At that point he became legend to me. He held the gate.....and they killed the Giant!

Fading that scene to black as they all finished chanting their oath made it legendary. ( everybody died at that particular gate! We didn't witness it but we can imagine it)

They probably saved The Seven Kingdoms by losing their lives

( That ape-like Giant ( pix 2) is called Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg better known as Mag The Mighty: your worse nightmare, really!! ( he was killed by the blacksmith, Donal Noye in the books. So the show changed that bit! )

His Bow looks like a tree trunk!! No wonder he shot a brother to the other side of the wall. The other side of the Wall!!

Olly basically shoots an arrow through Ygritte's heart and then gives Jon Snow a nod. That's badass!!

( Ygritte had killed his father in a previous episode)

Jon Snow's fight with Thenn was immense. The latter got an axe in the head for his troubles!

Tormund Giantsbane - was the last Wildling standing as the Brothers repressed the Wildlings following day 1 battle

Lest I forget...

Ser Barristan is the biggest sissy in Westeros. The weakling hid while his brothers were shedding blood to defend The Wall. I'm sure he's on many viewers 'to die' list




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