Monday, 24 November 2014

AMA 2014- The Iggy show

AMA 2014- The Iggy show

Check out some of the fashion on display at the AMA yesterday

Left to right:

Naya Rivera, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Ciara, Ke$ha

Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Jordin Sparks

It was the Iggy Azalea ( and One Direction ) show really

Check out her performance of Fancy & Beg For It:


I thought she had the night's best performance. She also won the Best Rap/Hip Hop Award- pipping Eminem to the gong

Here's the list of all the winners: link



Friday, 21 November 2014

Of Aaliyah, recency and the taste of bacon

Of Aaliyah, recency and the taste of bacon

I watched the Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime a few days ago

I thought Alexander Shipp did a decent job as Aaliyah. She could have done much better if she was actually allowed to sing the songs that made Aaliyah an icon

However the flick was universally panned on social media for many reasons particularly that of Miscasting: Izaak Smith & Chattrise Dolabaille look nothing like Timbaland and Missy Elliot -who worked closely with the singer during her lifetime. (Pix 3)

Cle Bennett who played R. Kelly looks more like Akon ( pix 2)

Anthony Grant who played Aaliyah's lover towards the end of her life, Damon Dash, is too tall (pix 4)

Hundreds of funny memes concerning this miscasting are on Twitter

Oddly enough the only person who looked like a music star was Aaliyah's brother, Rashad, played by Jesse Sukunda. He looks very much like Drake

-the attempt to 'romanticise' the pedophilic relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly also rubbed people off the wrong way

- Her family probably had a bad feeling about the flick as they didn't give the film makers permission to use any of her songs in the movie

Perhaps the biggest problem is that described in this article by one of my favourite bloggers, Damon Young:

Aaliyah has not been dead long enough!


Damon writes: "You can’t make a biopic loosely based on recent common knowledge fact because those facts are still too present, too alive still for us to grant the filmmakers any leeway"

"It’s someone attempting to explain to you how the bacon you ate yesterday morning tasted"

I co-sign this


Of Ernest Hemingway and a fine world

Of Ernest Hemingway and a fine world

Ernest Hemingway once wrote: "The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for"

I agree with the second part, the first....hmmmm....nah!!


Scandal -Season 4, Ep 9: Where the sun don't shine. Wooh!

Scandal -Season 4, Ep 9: Where the sun don't shine.Wooh!

Definitely, the best episode this season!! Sadly this was the mid-season finale ( winter break now! )

For a full review check out this link:

My favourite moments:

Pix 1

(Olivia had snatched Papa Pope's gun, much to his shock and disbelief. Then , she pulled the trigger, but the gun wasn’t loaded.)

Papa Pope-" arrrrgh! Are you kidding me, you just shot your own father!! ....never, never in a million years did I think that you would be willing to pull the trigger" ( he takes the gun away from her)

..... "You will miss me when I’m gone"

Pix 2

( Cyrus was quitting as his gay affair had been found out and could cause a scandal in the White House ) My best scene!

Olivia Pope to Cyrus:

"When did you decide to let them ruin you?

So life's unfair, so what?

That's how it is!!

So they are 'mean girling' you and the Press are calling you name and hurting the soft spots deep inside,

well, so what?

That's how it is!!

You lost someone you loved, you lost that one person who felt like family,

Well, guess what?

Grow the hell up because that is how it is!

The Cyrus I know doesn't hide in his half empty pocket and wet his pants like a little bitch, baby

The Cyrus I know is a patriot

He bites the bullet and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all cost!

So I want to know right now, in this moment, who you are!!

Because the pathetic shell of a person I'm looking at right now doesn't deserve to stand on the Presidential Seal at the Oval Office, let alone tell the president what to do!

Who are you, Cy?

Who are you, Cy?"

Cyrus- *getting his mojo back* : "I'm one of the most powerful men in the world"

Olivia- Who are you, Cy?

Cyrus- I'm one of the most powerful men in the world

Olivia- Oh yes you are not a B*tch, baby?

Cyrus- I run this country, I'm nobody's b*tch, baby!!

Olivia- Well, I know that you still sound like a little b*tch, baby!!

Cyrus- I'm noooot a little b*tch, baby!!!

Olivia- then show me, prove it, right now, show me who you are, Cyrus Beene"

(All I can say to that scene is Wooooooh!!! )

Pix 3

Olivia to Mama Pope - You have to know something, you spent years watching him ( Papa Pope) you have a PHD in his crazy ....I need some answers now!

Mama Pope - Girl, you need to move on!

Pix 4

Elizabeth, Republican Party chairman ( Portia De Rossi): " I'm sorry, did I do something to offend you?, I thought we were both on the same page?"

Mellie ( has just recently discovered that, just like her, Elizabeth is also getting the gud gud from the VP, Andrew):

"Because we are both screwing Andrew!?!

That doesn't make us friends!

It just makes both of us at risk of the same STDs!!

I don't blame you, I know as well as the next girl how generous Andrew is in bed that he is dedicated.

But he is weak, certainly not a presidential candidate.

So, when the next presidential election rolls around, I'll make damn sure that you bet the right horse, cos when it comes to screwing someone, I'm not nearly as gentle as Andrew!!

From me, it will HURT!!"

Wooooh, woooooh!! Never ever rub Mellie the wrong way, never!!

Pix 5 & 6 tells their own story

Y'all need to watch this show! For real!!