Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lest we forget: West Ham 0 -Chelsea 3

Lest we forget: West Ham 0- Chelsea 3

Verdict: Got the job done with the minimum of fuss

This is the Chelsea the Faithfuls want

4-3-3 seems to be the way forward

flexible yet strong, balanced yet overwhelming

- Mikel protecting the defence gave Lampard & Ramirez freedom to boss the midfield and join the attack. Lampard's trademark second goal was the result -(Lampard's best game this season)

-Oscar played like he's been reading my comments here at JSP lately. Can't fault the shift of the Brazilian. It was LikeABoss

-Eto'o's link up play was intelligent, as usual. Task- just score more goals, Sammy

-Cesar Azpilicueta is quickly putting his stamp on that LB position & making himself one of the mandatory names on Jose Mourinho's team sheet. ( not good news for Ashley Cole)

-We're still not killing opposition off in Man City fashion yet. Hence at 2- nil, West ham had a great chance which, if taken, could have given a different complexion to the rest of the match

- Ba was caught offside. Again!

There was no doubt that Mourinho would get it right. It just took ( it's just taking) a tad longer than Mourihistas like moi expected

PS- Mata not getting any game time still sucks! We should sell him. He's too good to be on


Monday, 18 November 2013

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier!

Sleepy Hollow- It gets wackier!

Episode 8 'Necromancer'

-Ichabod learns how to Fist bump #Cool

When it comes to quotes, Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones) is the gift that keeps on giving!"

Check out his latest quote ( with a look of incredulity on his face) after Ichabod suggested getting Abbie's 'mental' sister and 'the undead' , Brooks ( who still holds unrequited feelings for Abbie) to help interrogate ...wait for it...the Headless Horseman!

*you can make this stuff up!!*

The quote:

"...A dead guy, a mental patient and a Time traveller from the Revolution

Abbie Mills' 'take it or leave it' response: "That's our team!"

They've blown the original story to smithereens a good way

Did I forget to mention that Brooks is the Necromancer?

-One appointed to speak for the dead!


Please don't steal a Hessian's fiancée or you'll kickstart the Apocalypse!

Oh, Sleepy Hollow!

It's amazing and fun and beautiful and perfect and I don’t think my heart can take much more....but I'll try!

Please get with the program, y'all

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Great team goals

Great Team goals Hulk's goal: A Peach! Honda's goal-Pure Joy!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

4 Tv shows you should be watching

4 Tv shows you should be watching

1. Sleepy Hollow- this is a must-watch for tv show fans. Take that to the bank! See the latest episode recap link below. By the way, the Horseman in pix 1 is headless!

2. Scandal- Summary of the latest episode - Olivia's mom is alive, Sally's husband is gay, Quinn is now in B613, Fitz's son is actually his brother, Mellie got raped! Too much!!!...not to forget Liv's Dior coat!

She's got that coat game on lock! Real talk!

3. The Blacklist- James Spader is still carrying this show. The chemistry with his female protagonist, Megan Boone, is getting better though

4. Homeland- this has lost it's way, slightly, in it's 3rd season but it's still good tv. The f*cker in pix 4 is called Majid Javadi! He has just murdered his daughter-in-law and his ex-wife!

Get with the program, y'all!

Recaps for all the shows ( in order) for those interested

1. Sleepy Hollow

2. Scandal

3. The Blacklist

4. Homeland

If you're interested in discussions on films, music and Arts, join this group on Facebook: Hey, don't forget to live!


Sunday, 10 November 2013

EPL: Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

EPL: Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

Nothing is a given anymore

That's why the EPL is the best in the world!


NB- I hope samples of urine were collected for drug testing after that display of machismo by the home team at OT yesterday?

It is passé to write Man Utd off after that kickass performance.

I might just put a tenner on Southampton going all the way! (with the way things have panned out last weekend)


Tried really hard not to do this next bit.

But, like Adam, I succumbed to the temptation ( Eve, I see you )

Now, Judge Me, Y'all! :

'Tactical Dunces' of the Week ( in no particular order)

1. Arsene Wenger- for giving more credence to 'Okafor's Law' at Old Trafford last night

( If y'all don't know that law, you're sitting on a long thing!)

2. Manuel Pellegrini- for losing for the Gazillionth time away from home. How can you raise Tigers at home, and spawn Kittens away?

3. Andre Villas-Boas- for assembling an expensive team who just cannot score a goal from open play

4. Jose Mourinho- for needing the assistance of the Ref to keep his unbeaten home EPL record intact -against wee West Brom. For not knowing his best XI with a quarter of the season gone!


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chelsea 2- West Brom 2. November Blues

Chelsea 2- West Brom 2. November Blues

November: It's happening, isn't it?

As a Chelsea fan, I hate Novembers!

Mata has been the brain of this team for the past two years, what Mourinho has done now is cut the head of the chicken and we’re just flapping around! #Stolen

('Cos I like to flog a dead horse! ) I'll repeat it for the gazzilionth time:

Mata has to play!

( and not for 20 or 30 mins!)

Mr Mourinho has to do the needful 'cos he's beginning to wear my patience ( and that of other passionate fans) thin.....:

Drop Ivanovic, Lampard and Oscar for our next game

We lacked imagination going forward again yesterday 'cos:

1. surprise, surprise, our main attacking outlet was Ivanovic He who cannot cross the ball for his life!

When you play packed defenses.. You need full backs that are offensively savy to help provide width and offensive overload.. At Inter Mourinho could rely on Maicon. At Madrid, he had Marcelo coming from the left.

Azpilicueta is our best full back at the moment, but the tactics is shackling his contribution to attack. Can't understand this logic

2. Lampard for all his hard work can’t tackle well and can’t control a game. If we are counter attacking, Lampard might be a good choice with his long passes, but when we are playing at home and looking to break down teams, Mikel is a better choice. He controls the tempo well and actually plays short passes with some purpose and it gives Ramires the chance to bump forward.

When Lampard plays, Ramires stays deeper, thus Ramires has to control the tempo of the match which is a disaster because Ramires can’t pass! His asset is his box-to-box runs

3.Oscar, as good as he is and as great as his work rate is, just doesn’t have the offensive ability Mata does.

I’d trade Mata's 'low work rate' for what he brings in playmaking than have Oscar out there.

Leaving out Mata for defensive purposes is a bit like refusing to drive a Ferrari because of lack of fuel efficiency. Now, who does that to a Ferrari?

4. Hazard has not been effective in games as he was 'cos he's missing Mata. Remember the understanding between this 2 and the short slick interchanges around the opposition box last year? Hazard gets double-teamed easily nowadays

Mourinho should deploy Azpi in his usual RB position and start Bertrand at LB in our next game. Mikel should partner Ramires in the pivot. Mata should play a full game.

When you don't play well the kind of errors that lead to the goals conceded yesterday are inevitable. I'm not going to dwell on them

It's tighter than a Squirrel's sphincter at the top and we might actually be in 6th or 7th position at the end of hostilities today- because of 2 poor games!

I don't like International Breaks but the next one couldn't have come at a better time for Chelsea. We'd have found our Mojo back when hostilities resume.

I have seen people screaming 'Blue Murder' for the penalty call-particularly Manchester United fans.

Cognitive Dissonance!

-rationalising a decision to help resolve conflicting beliefs.

( Utd gets the most dodgy calls. It's not a good thing. But other big teams get them sometimes too. So, we point it out to make us feel better)

Haven't we being here before?

Ramires had lost balance in the box, due to his run, and was going to fall anyway. There was contact with him. He went down naturally. It wasn't a dive, neither was it a penalty. A soft penalty was given.

We take it and preserve Mourinho's record of not losing a game in the English Premier league at home. ( that's like 100 games now, by the way! )

It was unfair on West Brom. But life is unfair

We didn't get a call for the Ivanovic infringement before West Brom's second goal too.

What we won't take is for the Chief Beneficiaries of dodgy calls to be at the vanguard of the crusade for pointing fingers ( a tu quoque argument) ...or for Ramires to be labelled as a diver like their Ashley

NB- I'm a United fan for obvious reasons today! #MindingTheGapTinzs


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Only in America

Only in America

The incredible story of Barkhad Abdi, a Somalian Taxi driver in Minnesota.

He had never acted a film before 'Captain Phillips' but could win a best Supporting Actor Oscar for his critically acclaimed role as Muse - the real life ( now incarcerated) Somalian Pirate

His acting threatened to overshadow that of the esteemed veteran, Tom Hanks, in the film.

He even had an improvisation which was the best line in the film: "..I am the Captain now"

Saw the flick yesterday and watched him on The Arsenio Hall show

Nodded my head and said: "Only in America will this type of made-for-Hollywood story become a reality"

Check out the powerful story here and the clip from the flick below