Sunday, 10 November 2013

EPL: Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

EPL: Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

Banana peels, banana peels everywhere!

Nothing is a given anymore

That's why the EPL is the best in the world!


NB- I hope samples of urine were collected for drug testing after that display of machismo by the home team at OT yesterday?

It is passé to write Man Utd off after that kickass performance.

I might just put a tenner on Southampton going all the way! (with the way things have panned out last weekend)


Tried really hard not to do this next bit.

But, like Adam, I succumbed to the temptation ( Eve, I see you )

Now, Judge Me, Y'all! :

'Tactical Dunces' of the Week ( in no particular order)

1. Arsene Wenger- for giving more credence to 'Okafor's Law' at Old Trafford last night

( If y'all don't know that law, you're sitting on a long thing!)

2. Manuel Pellegrini- for losing for the Gazillionth time away from home. How can you raise Tigers at home, and spawn Kittens away?

3. Andre Villas-Boas- for assembling an expensive team who just cannot score a goal from open play

4. Jose Mourinho- for needing the assistance of the Ref to keep his unbeaten home EPL record intact -against wee West Brom. For not knowing his best XI with a quarter of the season gone!


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