Thursday, 22 November 2012

That Mexes goal-Is it the time of the bicicleta goals again?

That Mexes goal-Is it the time of the bicicleta goals again?

Check out AC Milan's Phillipe Mexes bicycle kick ( the bicicleta) goal -in yesterday's Champion's League game against Anderlecht. Great goal! sunglasses smiley ....and that by a central defender too!. He puts so many strikers to shame!  Spare a thought for Anderlecht goalie, Silvio Proto. He had no chance!laughing smiley
Anderlecht lost 1-3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Chelsea Manager's Job-Poisoned Chalice

Chelsea Manager's Job-Poisoned Chalice

Chelsea's Billionaire Owner, Roman Abramovich has given a new meaning to the word: Trigger-Happy. It is no longer news that he sacked the 8th Manager, Roberto Di Mateo , earlier today. Patience is not his strong point-this Russian Czar!!  Apparently, Pep Guardiola is the Chosen One, but there'll be an interim Manager before the former takes up the job next Summer. Many are now asking: How long before the next Manager gets the axe. I'm hoping Pep is a wise man and would put all the necessary clauses in his contract- to prevent him going the way of his Predecessors. Only time will tell

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Petraeus- Men, Women, Life & the Truth

Petraeus- Men, Women, Life & the Truth

Ugly truths about the Petraeus brouhaha
*Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, it will get you more play ( babes) than those cool Jordans, 
*Women need a reason to have sex, men need a place( it doesn't matter whether she looks like Beyonce or Arnold Schwazenegger's babysitter) 
*Men need 4 things: food, shelter, p*ssy and, oh, new p*ssy!! 
*It is easier to control an Army of men than an emotional woman ( Petraeus didn't get caught, the FBI got on his case 'cos of an emo woman) 

*Life happens to us all but we should still make an effort to be attractive to our significant others.
 *If you’ve committed to someone and you ever happen to encounter someone you think you may be attracted to, ( don't say I got this, you aint got sh*t laughing smiley :D ) nod your head at them, take a deep breath, turn the other way, and RUN!! happy smiley

That Zlatan goal- a Peach!!

That Zlatan goal- a Peach!!
Everything about Zlatan Ibrahimovich's 4th goal against England yesterday had Pure Genius written over it! The awareness, the quick-thinking, the execution-share poetry!. Playstation would be pleased! Great players do great things on the greatest stage. Prophesy! sunglasses smiley
NB-Sweden won 4-2 with Zlatan scoring all the Swedish goals

Sunday, 11 November 2012

One Word: DAMN!!

One Word: DAMN!!
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...would you pullout?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Valencia 2-Athletico Madrid 0-Soldado's beauty

Valencia 2-Athletico Madrid 0-Soldado's beauty
Check out Valencia's Soldado's goal against Athletico Madrid yesterday. The awareness, the execution, the cheekiness-Brilliant! It ends Athletico's unbeaten start to the season and, surprise, surprise-Radamel Falcao didn't score! He sustained a minor head injury too

Valencia 2-0 Atletico Madrid by fasthighlights-2013