Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Annoying Facebookers-Naija take

Originally posted (on Facebook)on Thursday, 19 May 2011 at 11:08
Annoying Facebookers-Naija take
The sanctimonious-always feigning piety or righteousness. Looking like they are waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity.One minute they are innundating you with biblical passages on their statuses, the next they are talking about how they rocked at the last Owambe party! . You can't make this stuff up!
They get the maximum award for fakery. 

The dialect-speaker-great to remember your tradition and stuff but please don't continually post in your native language. It is simply annoying-particularly as a significant proportion of your FB 'friends' don't understand this language and you can't be bothered to translate! smh

The Reticent-always on FB but never post anything. Rarely make comment or like posts. If you like a post please make a comment or click on the like link. There's something eerie about somebody lurking in the shadows! Either you're a hater-in which case you have no business being anybody's friend- or you are clueless(we sympathise with you :))

The Football fanatic-(that includes me!) you don't expect me to criticise this, do you? happy smiley. My take(and this is contentious)- football is the ish and any man who doesn't like the game has FAGGOT written all over him!. Methinks the fanatics can be forgiven if they post other stuff apart from football from time to time. What do you think?

Barca-predicted it spot on!

Barca-has a better team ever played the game?

by Abiodun Bale on Friday, 27 May 2011 at 10:28

"Blessed are the passmakers, for they shall win the Champion league once more’’

 This Catalan team is universally regarded as the best team on the planet-and that is by no means a small accolade. Indeed, this team is regarded has the best to have ever played the game by respected sportwriters.
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This Barca team makes us feel good about the beautiful game. 

With Guardiola calling the shots from the bench you’d be foolish to bet against this team in tomorrow’s final.  If there was one weakness of great Barca teams of old, it was in defence. Guardiola has largely  eliminated this by his obsession with his players closing down their opponents in organised packs.
At age 40, Guardiola stands on the brink of winning his second Champions League trophy. Sir Alex Ferguson had to wait till he was 57 to win his first and Arsene Wenger is still waiting at the age of 61!. He(Guardiola) has already won an unprecedented sextuple with this club (in 2009)-La Liga,copa Del Rey, Champions league, Spanish Super cup, UEFA Super cup and FIFA Club World cup
This chap is still barely in his middle age-mind-blowing :-O

The ‘Usual suspects’- in tomorrow's final

Andres Iniesta- you won’t believe how much this chap is revered in Spain!. The Spanish press call him Don Andres. He finds passes with consummate ease, his movement and ability to create space is awesome. He also has an eye for goals. Hear former teammate Eto’o: ‘’whenever Iniesta is on the pitch, he creates a spectacle."

Xavi- Quite simply the best midfielder in modern football, and one of the greatest 'centre' midfielders of all time. While virtually never relinquishing possession, he creates countless goals through his legendary vision, reads the game beautifully and chips in his own fair share of goals too-player!

Messi- There is no athlete on earth greater than Lionel Messi right now. I make this bold submission without any qualms.  Often, you struggle to find the superlatives to describe this mercurial player!. This season, he has  52 goals and 24 assists in 54 games to his credit-Phenomenal! . You’d be stupid to bet on him not adding to this impressive tally at Wembley tomorrow!. He is simply the jewel in the Barca crown. The variable which you can’t really control. If life’s a box of chocolates, he’s the guy who bought the box and is still deciding whether to sample the goods or just leave it sitting on his coffee table for his nephew-that’s how talented this fella is :-)

Puyol- the captain, intensely commitment and rugged as a defender.  Goes about his defensive duties with panache. Club fans refer to him as "The Wall"

Pique-developed greatly as a defender since leaving ManU where he was a bit part player. Strong, athletic and capable of scoring the odd goal too. Gives all for the cause. If somebody will break his nose or gash his head for the Barca agenda-you don’t have to be a Rocket scientist to guess that it will be Pique. His beautiful girlfriend-Shakira-also gives him rockstar credibility!. Well, sorta :-)

David Villa -nicknamed El Guaje (The Kid) not quite reached the phenomenal heights of his Valencia days. If  his performances in a Barca shirt were  “boobs” he’d be Omotola Jalade- not a lot there, but enough to notice :-). Which means he can still hurt you on his day!

Tomorrow Jack(Barca) and Jill(ManU) will go up the hill. At the end of the day, you’ll only see Jack on the hill, cos Jill would have been knocked off :-)