Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nugget #1

Nugget #1

If he knows you'll always put the pieces together, why should he even bother opening the box of Legos?



Friday, 15 March 2013

Fernando Torres: the real Dojo or a Mcdojo?

Fernando Torres: the real Dojo or a Mcdojo?

My thoughts on yesterday's match :

Anonymous in the first half (as usual), Scored a goal, decent shout for a penalty, clipped on the nose, shed blood, contributed to play,......then missed a penalty...*Le Sigh*

Wearing a blank Jersey must be the most symbolic moment of that match- concerning Torres. It was deep! Largely anonymous since becoming a Chelsea player

Bloody nose - may be a cathartic moment in his Chelsea career (wish so, not much hope, though) You can't fault him for trying yesterday

Verdict: Still a Mcdojo!!

A word on Mikel:

@citizenthirdmankane wrote- With Mikel it seems that the modus operandi is always the same whenever Chelsea switch managers:

i. A new manager comes in

ii. New manager looks around and decides that there has to be someone better than Mikel

iii. New manager plays XXXXX in central midfield instead of Mikel

iv. New manager painfully determines that Mikel is better than XXXXX

v. New manager decides to stick with Mikel!!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough

Yeah, Arsenal won yesterday and left the competition with some dignity ( By the way, Bayern dominated the game despite being very poor! This alone tells a story!! )

But holding on to this while ignoring the club's shortcomings is the reason why are in the position they are in at the moment. (It was easy to say Schadenfreude after yesterday as I predicted this as far back as November 2012) but I think some soul searching is more appropriate)

It is the reason why there will NOT be an English club in the quarter finals of the CL for the first time in 17 years!!

Time to stop all attempts to paper up the cracks and accept that mediocrity has crept into the English top clubs.

Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City , Arsenal and Liverpool are just not good enough!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barca vs Milan: My thoughts

Barca vs Milan: My thoughts

Congrats to Barca for pulling it off yesterday. They won 4-0 and qualified for the quarter finals of the Champions League ( 4-2, Aggr)

My thoughts:

-Le Dude: With Messi in form ( almost always) Barca has a 'Get out of Jail' card. You'll struggle to see a better goal than his first strike yesterday( it had everything)

-Iniesta: the Illusionista is like fine wine. He gets better with age

-AC Milan flattered to deceive in the first leg. They are just not good enough.

-Constant: the Milan left full back gave new meaning to "Inept defending" Strangely, he played for the 90 mins! He personified the Milan Shebacle yesterday. To think the great Paolo Maldini played that position in the past ( Ha!)

-Mascherano: is an accident waiting to happen (again). One wonders what would have happened if Niang had taken that chance (due to Mascherano's error)

-Puyol: should retire at the end of the season. He was all over the place in his Cameo

-Chink in the Armour: in this Barca side, it is in defence. It has been found out in 3 big games this Season. I feel it will again in the CL- when they meet better teams

.....but with Le Dude, they have a factor which is difficult to account for.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rio Ferdinand: I see you!

Rio Ferdinand: I see you!

As seen yesterday during the Man Utd - Chelsea quarter final FA Cup game at Old Trafford

Ferdinand shoves Torres in back of the head and trips him in off-the-ball incident. Then helps him a Good Samaritan!!

I hope Man Utd fans saw him too!

Saturday, 2 March 2013



If films about the Cosa Nostra (Mafia-like) is your thing, you should see this/see it again :-)

It's a 1997 TV Mini-Series of Mario Puzo's famous work ( now on DVD in 2 parts, you can also watch it online) It tells the story of a Cosa Nostra family headed by Don Clericuzio. It's about Family, Tragedy, Love, Honour, Wedding, Loyalty, Murder, Plots and Sicilia.

Starring:Danny Aiello ... Don Domenico Clericuzio, Joe Mantegna ... Pippi De Lena, Daryl Hannah ... Athena Aquitane , Jason Gedrick ... Cross De Lena, Penelope Ann Miller ... Nalene De Lena, Rory Cochrane ... Dante Clericuzio , Kirstie Alley ... Rose Marie Clericuzio

Too many great quotes in this. I leave you with 2 from the Don, Domenico Clericuzio:

(At the beginning)

"My daughter wanted to marry Jimmy Santadio. Both families forbade it. She told me it was like Romeo and Juliet ...*wicked smile* Who the hell were Romeo and Juliet? Not Sicilians, definitely" #deep

(at the very end)

"Let other men groan with their sins. I accept mine and place my faith in God. After all I had set Crucifixio free.

I was born in Sicily where Society and Government were the enemies. I could will myself as a slave to earn my daily bread without dignity or hope. Or I could earn my bread as a man who commanded respect.

I have a vision that I will live for ever. The Clericuzio blood will be part of Mankind forever. My family was my Society, God was my Punisher. But Oh! what an evil world it is that drives men to sin" #legend

Great film!