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If films about the Cosa Nostra (Mafia-like) is your thing, you should see this/see it again :-)

It's a 1997 TV Mini-Series of Mario Puzo's famous work ( now on DVD in 2 parts, you can also watch it online) It tells the story of a Cosa Nostra family headed by Don Clericuzio. It's about Family, Tragedy, Love, Honour, Wedding, Loyalty, Murder, Plots and Sicilia.

Starring:Danny Aiello ... Don Domenico Clericuzio, Joe Mantegna ... Pippi De Lena, Daryl Hannah ... Athena Aquitane , Jason Gedrick ... Cross De Lena, Penelope Ann Miller ... Nalene De Lena, Rory Cochrane ... Dante Clericuzio , Kirstie Alley ... Rose Marie Clericuzio

Too many great quotes in this. I leave you with 2 from the Don, Domenico Clericuzio:

(At the beginning)

"My daughter wanted to marry Jimmy Santadio. Both families forbade it. She told me it was like Romeo and Juliet ...*wicked smile* Who the hell were Romeo and Juliet? Not Sicilians, definitely" #deep

(at the very end)

"Let other men groan with their sins. I accept mine and place my faith in God. After all I had set Crucifixio free.

I was born in Sicily where Society and Government were the enemies. I could will myself as a slave to earn my daily bread without dignity or hope. Or I could earn my bread as a man who commanded respect.

I have a vision that I will live for ever. The Clericuzio blood will be part of Mankind forever. My family was my Society, God was my Punisher. But Oh! what an evil world it is that drives men to sin" #legend

Great film!

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