Monday, 1 February 2016

The Meek Mill-Drake beef continues

The Meek Mill-Drake beef continues

Origin- Meek accuses Drake of being inauthentic, of using a Ghost writer ( Quentin Miller) late last year
Drake responded with a diss song - Back to Back
Meek's response was weak
Social media felt that Drake had literally ended Meek's Rap career back then

Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' dropped at 7 pm yesterday ( it was a diss song directed at Meek, Kanye West....even Obama) link

Meek Mill's 'War pain' dropped at 7:20 pm ( 20 mins later!! ) link

This is where it gets really interesting!!
Meek references multiple lines from Summer Sixteen.
Eg Drake said "...“I used to wanna be on Rocafella then I turned into Jay”
Meek's responded in his song thus "And you claimin' you HOV now? Why you state that shit?" 

That meant that Meek either heard Drake’s song a while ago ( likely) or he magically put his verse together in a few minutes, mastered it, and released it in a 20 minutes span- while at a B/ball game with Nicki Minaj!! ( impossible)

Inference- Drake might really be a fraud!
How is it possible that Meek Mill mocks lines in a song Drake dropped 20 mins earlier? 
1. It appears that the dude Drake uses Ghostwriters for real

2. Meek probably know’s all of Drake's ghostwriters. 

( He definitely knew Quentin Miller)

3. He probably just paid whoever wrote 'Summer 16' for Drake more than Drake paid the guy to write the verse… Money Talks!!

4. The general consensus was that Meek Mill won this Round hands down!! Drake's credibility is on the line here. Nicki Minaj's boyfriend is literally back from the dead ( back from Rapper's graveyard )

Unlike Drake, Meek genuinely did start from the bottom. (Stop playin' nigga, we came from nothin'- was the last line in War Pain)

 I mean, how can you hate on a dude that came from this (see video) to one of the biggest stars in the game (Nicki Minaj)

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