Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barca vs Milan: My thoughts

Barca vs Milan: My thoughts

Congrats to Barca for pulling it off yesterday. They won 4-0 and qualified for the quarter finals of the Champions League ( 4-2, Aggr)

My thoughts:

-Le Dude: With Messi in form ( almost always) Barca has a 'Get out of Jail' card. You'll struggle to see a better goal than his first strike yesterday( it had everything)

-Iniesta: the Illusionista is like fine wine. He gets better with age

-AC Milan flattered to deceive in the first leg. They are just not good enough.

-Constant: the Milan left full back gave new meaning to "Inept defending" Strangely, he played for the 90 mins! He personified the Milan Shebacle yesterday. To think the great Paolo Maldini played that position in the past ( Ha!)

-Mascherano: is an accident waiting to happen (again). One wonders what would have happened if Niang had taken that chance (due to Mascherano's error)

-Puyol: should retire at the end of the season. He was all over the place in his Cameo

-Chink in the Armour: in this Barca side, it is in defence. It has been found out in 3 big games this Season. I feel it will again in the CL- when they meet better teams

.....but with Le Dude, they have a factor which is difficult to account for.

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