Friday, 15 March 2013

Fernando Torres: the real Dojo or a Mcdojo?

Fernando Torres: the real Dojo or a Mcdojo?

My thoughts on yesterday's match :

Anonymous in the first half (as usual), Scored a goal, decent shout for a penalty, clipped on the nose, shed blood, contributed to play,......then missed a penalty...*Le Sigh*

Wearing a blank Jersey must be the most symbolic moment of that match- concerning Torres. It was deep! Largely anonymous since becoming a Chelsea player

Bloody nose - may be a cathartic moment in his Chelsea career (wish so, not much hope, though) You can't fault him for trying yesterday

Verdict: Still a Mcdojo!!

A word on Mikel:

@citizenthirdmankane wrote- With Mikel it seems that the modus operandi is always the same whenever Chelsea switch managers:

i. A new manager comes in

ii. New manager looks around and decides that there has to be someone better than Mikel

iii. New manager plays XXXXX in central midfield instead of Mikel

iv. New manager painfully determines that Mikel is better than XXXXX

v. New manager decides to stick with Mikel!!


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