Thursday, 26 January 2012

Of Jan Brewer & Obama-Disrespecting the POTUS

Of Jan Brewer & Obama-Disrespecting the POTUS

I hope  y'all have seen this picture?:

Yes, that sorry- excuse -for-a-woman, disrespecting the President of the United States ( and the most powerful man in the world),  is Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor. This happened on the tarmac, when Obama visited Arizona, on Wednesday. We've heard of angry black woman, so what would you call this? Hormone-deficient, menopausal- induced white woman lunacy? 

She even had the nerve to call the POTUS "thin skinned" and "terse", complaining that he walked away from her...and she says she felt threatened by him! What would this woman- who led Arizona to racist and xenophobic policies that would give 1960s Missisipi a run for its money- expect Obama do? He should wait, listen to her insults Then thump her in the mouth?( a deserving thump that would be too!) Barack O. Is too cool for that and wouldn't bring himself to that level.

 They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This says loads. Regarding racism, the notions of black inferiority and white supremacy- nothing has changed in America! This is why Obama will continue to get this kind of disrespect even if he wins a second term. But I hope people call this woman out on this. At  least I hope black people deal with this with the kind of umbrage and outcry that would have followed such an action, if the President was white and this woman black.


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  1. Just makes me sick to my stomach! Jan Brewer is a disgrace.