Monday, 9 January 2012

Occupy Nigeria- death toll rising!

Occupy Nigeria- death toll rising!
Occupy Nigeria protest -Unconfirmed reports of the rising death toll all over Nigeria -courtesy of Twitter
RT @NigeriaNewsdesk: Police from the government house shoot 15year old protester dead in #Kano #occupyNigeria
RT @dawisu: Reports of 4ppl shot and are receiving treatment at Nasarawa Hospital kano state! #occupyNigeria @ogundamisi @elrufai
RT @SarhanNews: BREAKING: Jonathan's police has killed 3 protesters in Lagos and 6 in Maiduguri today #OccupyNigeria - NLC President says.
Click here for picture of one of dead protesters. Warning: viewer discretion is advised
The tree of an ideology is watered by the blood of its martyrs-

The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime- however it is never too late for a people to take control of their destiny

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