Friday, 6 January 2012

Of Basic girls, Lying boys, and Keeping it real

Of Basic girls, Lying boys, and Keeping it real
Oftentimes I shake my head when I see the inevitable bitter post by a girl who's been done dirty in a relationship by a guy. Why does this  isht keep on happening? :(
 Basic girls fall in love with what they hear.  So you've got Ninjas who can't do simple algebra but can figure out the right vibes to get in those panties. Fantasy is what basic girls want ( Ninjas understand this perfectly) unfortunately, reality is what they need. Only SILLY girls spend their entire life thinking they'll bag Prince Charming. Only REAL girls discover love in someone who is not perfect.  
Basic girls ignore who adores them, adore who ignores them, hurt who loves them, but love who hurts them. It's head-spinning madness!  It's not a bad thing to be picky but keep it real. If you're not Michelle, don't expect to bag Obama. It's a conscious decision. It's about Alice leaving Wonderland and smelling the coffee
Option: be a Basic girl  wagging finger smiley or girl who sees the end of the story before it begins B-)

Basic girl, if you want to cry, use a tissue; not your Facebook or Twitter status! :)

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