Monday, 9 January 2012

Messi wins third Ballon D'or

Messi wins third Ballon D'or
Lionel Messi has just been named best footballer in the world in Zurich.  Homare Sawa of Japan won the female equivalent, while Pep Guardiola was named best coach. This is Messi's 3rd consecutive Ballon D'or-in doing so-he matches Michel Platini's record.
What more can we say about this vertically-challenged genius that has not yet been said? I repeat : If Life was a box of chocolate, he’s the guy who bought the box and is still deciding whether to sample the goods or just leave it sitting on his coffee table for his nephew!sunglasses smiley That's how blessed he his! Check out his goal against Getafe scored almost 5 years ago and disagree with this statement! I dare you!
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