Sunday, 8 January 2012

Occupy Nigeria and Police brutality

Occupy Nigeria and Police brutality
The Nigerian Policemen are using violence and strong-arm tactics to prevent the protests from going ahead today. Read the excerpts of  a Comrade's(@xeenarh) account who was a victim in Eagle Square. Abuja: ''....On the fourth day of #occupynigeria, the Nigerian Police Force attacked us in our sleep. Armed with clubs, sticks & iron rods, IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT, slightly past 1am, about 12 police men snuck at us from different directions while we slept on our makeshift cots. 40+ innocent Nigerians men and women simply sitting on the sidewalk were beaten from sleep to a stupor. Groggy, confused, and startled we ran into the bush, into the streets and away from the danger. Screams, shouts and coas rang as blows landed on different individuals from different angles. Eventually, we realised some were hurt so we stopped at various spots and tried to regroup. Across the street, about 50 police men led by DSP. C.U Adejumo stood disinterested while we scrambled for our lives. Our attackers at that point started destroying our property, searching & scrambling through our possessions for God knows what. We immediately started looking for our phones, cameras and gadgets to record the events as it happened. With renewed vigour and determination, we slowly made our way back in and started demanding an explanation. They stood their ground trying to attack again but we kept our camera’s rolling. Inspired, about 5 of the #occupynigeria men gathered around and grabbed 2 of the men and dragged them to the police who were simply still watching the brutality. They collected them and released them right before our eyes to disappear into the night. We started making calls and kept camera’s rolling....'' 
For more, click on: this and check up an unconfirmed picture here. To the Nigerian people-remain strong. To the Nigerian government-you cannot stop an idea whose time has come

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