Thursday, 14 November 2013

4 Tv shows you should be watching

4 Tv shows you should be watching

1. Sleepy Hollow- this is a must-watch for tv show fans. Take that to the bank! See the latest episode recap link below. By the way, the Horseman in pix 1 is headless!

2. Scandal- Summary of the latest episode - Olivia's mom is alive, Sally's husband is gay, Quinn is now in B613, Fitz's son is actually his brother, Mellie got raped! Too much!!!...not to forget Liv's Dior coat!

She's got that coat game on lock! Real talk!

3. The Blacklist- James Spader is still carrying this show. The chemistry with his female protagonist, Megan Boone, is getting better though

4. Homeland- this has lost it's way, slightly, in it's 3rd season but it's still good tv. The f*cker in pix 4 is called Majid Javadi! He has just murdered his daughter-in-law and his ex-wife!

Get with the program, y'all!

Recaps for all the shows ( in order) for those interested

1. Sleepy Hollow

2. Scandal

3. The Blacklist

4. Homeland

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