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Game of Thrones S04E08- The Mountain & The Viper

Game of Thrones S04E08- The Mountain & The Viper


* majors spoiler alert*

Lessons learnt from this episode:

1. Oberyn ( RIP), this is why you don't start monologuing in the middle of a fight.

Folks this is why you don't taunt when you are ahead. Doesn't matter the sport

When he started asking who ordered his sister's murder, you'd think he would throw his spear at Tywin Lannister. But then this is GoT of course (and George R.R. Martin is the greatest Troll of all ) so sh*t just had to go downhill as usual!!

Pedro Pascal killed that Oberyn Martell role ( pun intended)

Oberyn had his head squashed like an orange by The Mountain but Pedro Pascal shouldn't be short of roles after this. That was top notch acting! I'm buying whatever he's selling next

( if you like gore, you can view that scene here: )

Oberyn could have avoided such a dastardly end but:

He was blinded by revenge

His head exploded by revenge

( I hope you saw what I did there? )

2. Who made Maester Pycelle the hype master

His introduction of the fight was more like 'Get ready to bumble" rather than 'Get ready to rumble" :D

3. Home truth: Never love anyone on this show. They will always die!

( for people who won't be able to see this episode for some time, this is the comic edition of what went down in that bloody scene at the end )

4. Tyrion's speech about the names of all kinds of killing was top draw yet again ( regicide, matricide, patricide, infanticide,suicide... 'cousincide')

When he started talking about the beetles getting CRUSHED ( by his 'simple' cousin Orson) , I should've known what was coming then.

5. Sansa's lying just went into stratospheric territory. That's some Baelish-level manipulation there. She's learning from the best.

Player SansaStark has entered the game!!

6. Just when you think Ser Jorah Mormont's ( Aka Friendzone) story couldn't get any more tragic! He's shown to have betrayed Daenerys right from day 1. The Khaleesi isn't happy and kicks him to the curb

7. Don't mess with the Wildlings. They are a brutal lot. However, Ygritte shows she still has a tender heart, in the midst of the mayhem

8. Guard: Lady Arryn died

The Hound's expression was like ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!

Arya's laughing ( there's no money for you now, Hound) was the icing on the cake in that scene ( this was a few minutes after The Hound had told her: " nothing makes you happy" Apparently bringing murderous justice to evil men and the ridiculous irony of the situation do! )

9. Ramsay Snow & Roose Bolton had a Simba and Mufasa moment- you could almost love that scene in which Lord Bolton gave legitimacy to his bastard son by allowing him adopt his Bolton name. But then you remember that the older stabbed Robb Stark while the younger flays people! So you say to yourself: Never!!

10. Grey Worm may not have stones & a pillar ( go figure what those are! :-) ) but he knows a beautiful naked woman when he sees one- take a bow, Missandei





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