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Breaking Bad Season 5: 'Felina'

Breaking Bad Season 5: 'Felina'

Felina- anagram for finale

"Our integrity, our actions to others, that’s what governs who we are"

Walter White in settling score mode before the last hurrah

-created a Trust fund for his son through his slimy former acquaintances Walter White fashion

-visited his family one last time and took responsibility ( see pix)

-took out the idiotic neo-Nazis (Jesse had some sort of closure too)

-died on his own terms. ( 'cos he's smarter than you! )

Snippets from the reviews of the finale


Breaking Bad- The 'Say Hello To My Little Friend' finale

AKA- Comeuppance Day

If you have to go, go out on top

Not only did Vince Gilligan's five-season, hyper-violent prose poem to midlife male frustration tie up virtually every loose end in sight, it contained the Holy Grail of all storytelling: an Actual Moment of Truth -"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really ... I was alive."

Breaking Bad is a Western. A Western is meant to go out with a bang, and Breaking Bad went out with about 40 of them per second (plus a dose of ricin). Sorry, Lydia!

It closed out a great series in style, with visual flair, action, and a thorough lack of phony redemption. Heck, Badfinger's Baby Blue " I guess I got what I deserved" was the soundtrack at the end. #Apt

Walter was back as 'Heisenberg' -ending his problems and his enemies with DaVincian invention and Machiavellian manipulation

He isn't sorry for what he did but he regrets some of the consequences. He goes about achieving a victory the way he defines it: not because it is right, but because he is good at it. He is the bad guy out to get the worse guys. Is it Justice? It’s what Just Is....and that is Life! #Deep

His plans are a success. He watches his enemies defeated, his voice the last they hear. He ends things on his terms. It is over when Heisenberg says it’s over.

But it’s still a mystery why that talented chemist turned his back on fame and fortune and became a humble high school chemistry teacher. It's one secret that Walter White took to his grave

What a Tv show!!

To Vince Gilligan and the entire cast/crew, I say: "Thanks for making Bad sooo good!!"


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