Friday, 6 September 2013

This football week in Nigerian music

This football week in Nigerian music

If you're familiar with Nigerian music, you may 'feel' this


Their fans- Ha!

Their optimism ( and mouth!! ) is unparalleled

A typical example this week is the endless Ozil posts which have inundated us on Social Media

Ozil is the cure for Aids, the wonder medicine for cancer, the best thing since Sliced Bread!

Each time we preached cautious optimism, we got:

Kas- 'Fimile'

(I gat too much Swagga! )

We hope it doesn't turn to this ( at the end of the season):


"He done do me wayooo (he has made me feel amazing)

But he done spent my money oh

What I’m gonna tell my mommy oh

I should've listened before

He dey do me like antenna!!"


-Mourinho- eh!

Wily old fox! Arsenal were going to get Ba until, 'Suddenly' he pulled the plug on that.

'Cos y'all know you just don't strengthen your main rivals! (except you're Arsene Wenger)


Man Utd-

-Enough has been said about the recent player transfer cock up at the club!

P Square is telling their beleaguered Manager and the bumbling Executive- 'E No Easy'


Banky W actually said they wanted to 'thief Athletico Bilbao's Kele'


Real Madrid

- some folks think 'Maga don pay' on the Bale Purchase!

Others feel it's a case of 'Oliver Twist'.

I guess time will tell!

Man City

-Can still afford to splash the cash for a replacement for the crocked Kompany. Although I hear the replacement is also crocked too! Oh well, they are 'Nonillionaires'!



-you've got to admire the new player deals that Brendan Rogers pulled off in recent times. Getting decent players on the cheap. Surely they ' didn't dull' at all!



-have also got good players this season. However that didn't stop Arsenal from 'doing them a strong thing' (as usual) last week!



Messi is telling defenders in Spain that he'll keep scoring his customary brace and hat tricks if they continue to 'nogere'



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