Friday, 25 October 2013

Scandal Season 3. Ep 4: "Say Hello To My Little Friend"

Scandal Season 3. Ep 4: "Say Hello To My Little Friend"

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Spoiler Alert!!

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It's about Operation Remington & the President's secret, Rowan Pope & B613, Huck & Jake's unlikely alliance and their effort to involve Liv ( the ultimate goal being to bring her father down) , A Senator on trial for the murder of his young consort

Check up the links here and here for more details

Y'all know I gotta leave you with some quotes :

Jake to Liv : "Your dad would slit your throat and drink

the blood if it would serve the Republic!" Eli Pope, Ha!

Senator Meyers philandering/sending photos of his to young ladies aka sexting

"...This party already has a Wang problem..."

Hear what a female Democratic Party Cingresswoman Josephine Marcus ( Lisa Kudrow, remember 'Friends' ? )said about President Fitz- "I think it's high time the Prez tames his 'Cobra' and put a lid on the basket! "

Wang, Cobra-.......go figure!

Marcus On Mellie's (Prez's wife) faux pas: "We all get a case of foot & mouth disease from time to time"

Mouthy Mellie started trending immediately on Twitter!

Senator Meyers' wife to Liv ( after the latter discovered that the former had played her) : "We all deserve a second chance"

Y'all know I can't do this without a Liv quote: "Quitting is not an option"

It is one of my missions in life to convert y'all to lovers of this show!


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