Friday, 18 October 2013

Scandal 3x03 - "Mrs Smith Goes to Washington"

Scandal 3x03 - "Mrs Smith Goes to Washington"

It's getting more heated on Scandal!

Highlights of this week's episode:

Liv's handling of the Bomb scare scene-

Olivia Pope NEVER needs a trim. Her ends are fierce and fearless, forever!

helpingheroespr: If only Congress had Olivia Pope... Washington needs a Washington!

Mellie's drunk scene-

alphatheta87: Mellie's ( President's wife) drunk scene was a MASTERPIECE!! @BellamyYoung is AWESOME!! #Scandal

Check out part of her monologue with her husband present:

"..As long as she ( Olivia Pope) is still alive, she is your FLAW!...your Achilles' heel....which makes her my weapon.."

Watch the clip here

David Rosen's face off with Cyrus was also worthy of mention-

....and Rowan/Eli Pope (Liv's father) has his hold on everyone in this show, including Olivia

What the heck is Operation Remington?


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