Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Racism: Still On Donald Sterling

Racism: Still On Donald Sterling

Everyone should listen to the YouTube clip of Donald Sterling's conversation with his mixed-race girlfriend!

Although it feels like he was set up by his girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano - who has Mexican and black parents-(cajoled to reveal his racism), those words still came from his mouth

You cringe with each racially bigoted sentence the 80-year old makes

It's not so much about the words used ( at least he didn't use the N-word ) but the mindset behind those words:

"..It's been that way historically ( Racism) "

"..May be you wanna adjust to the world ( accept Racism) .."

Even more cringe-worthy is the fact that 'People' brought his girlfriend's association with minorities to his knowledge 'People' = fellow Racists

What's soul-destroying is that he was soooo matter-of-factly about it i.e it is what it is ( you can't change it, girl )

The annoying thing is that he is right!!

Racism exist in society, it is taught from generation to generation, in my opinion - no matter how much we try to believe that things are different now

Thanks for reminding us, Donald Sterling!



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