Friday, 4 April 2014

Hannibal-S02E6 Futamono- this show is the Mona Lisa of depravity

Hannibal -S02E6 Futamono: this show is the Mona Lisa of depravity

Warning: this is not for the squeamish

Chesapeake Ripper= ? Hannibal Lecter

Modus Operandi- Harvests organs and eats them 'cos he believes the victims are no better than pigs!! :-o

Pix 1 - vivid description of that victim: The Ripper grafted living roots from his heels through his legs, back and torso to his finger tips. He took all his organs, everything but his lungs!! :-o

The time he devotes to his work, he really takes pride: Belladonna for the heart, Chains of white Oleander for the intestines, Redwood for the liver

These are all poisonous flowers

This is Judgement. The Reaper believes his victims are toxic, poisonous men!!! :-o

If Hannibal offers you meat at his home, you better not eat it!!

Cannibalism is an act of dominance :-o

Pix 2- Hannibal ( Mads Mikkelsen) feeds his captive, another pathological narcissist Abel Gideon ( Eddie Izzard), his own leg....and he ate it!! :-o

You've got to marvel at how warped the minds of the writers are on this show

It's full of man's extreme depravity- the Mona Lisa of messed up!! :-)

By the way: Futamono is Japanese for lidded dish ( typically a soup)

If you love meat, stay away from this show! :-)

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