Thursday, 3 April 2014

SHiiKANE- Omo shelen geh

SHiiKANE- "Omo shelen geh"

Stumbled upon this girl group today. Don't bother checking up their new release, "Sugarkane", in this link

It is a stinker

I'm more interested in one of their old numbers: "Omo Shelen geh"

The introduction is nice and the melody is enthralling, the lyrics are empty and cheesy but the hook is memorable and infectious ( the way you love me make me want to shelen geh geh..." ) The instrumental arrangement, typical of the Afrobeat/ pop fusion injects some fun into the song though

The video gets a pass too, the girls look like they are really enjoying themselves and there's enough razzmatazz to catch the eye

Overall, you might get jiggy with it on the dance floor but you probably won't remember this song for long


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