Sunday, 13 April 2014

Game of Thrones- The viewers send their regards

Game of Thrones- The viewers send their regards

Game Of Thrones -Season 4 Episode 2

The Lion and the Rose

**** Spoiler Alerts****

Whatever you do, do NOT let George RR Martin plan your wedding!!

Best Episode ever!!

King Joffrey ....oh, he's despicable! ...Never have people been this happy to see a fictional character die

He turned a deathly purple too, hence #PurpleWedding

Red Wedding, Purple Wedding....just stay away from Weddings at Westeros!!

I know the holy book says : Love your neighbour ...but I reckon it didn't have King Joffrey Baratheon in mind

Some of the great tweets after this episode:

@LacyMB-That was possibly the singular most satisfying moment I’ve ever experienced on television. #PurpleWedding #GameOfThrones

@BryeTanhueco tweeted: "The Tyrells are such great wedding planners. I hear the food, and the wine, are to DIE for. #PurpleWedding #GameOfThrones :-)

@ChristianHeiens :"The viewers send their regards". #GoT #PurpleWedding

@Nicoleganz: " Usually I have wine when watching GoT, tonight I drank a margarita, it was a fortuitous choice #purplewedding"

Christian R: I just watched Joffery die ... Then watched it again, and again, and again ... Best Sunday ever #PurpleWedding

By the way, pix 4 didn't happen- but considering the humiliation Tyrion suffered at the hands of his nephew King in this episode, I'm sure he won't mind us posting it!

Now, whodunit?

Check up this link for some of the theories.

(Book readers, please don't spoil it for us! )


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