Friday, 4 April 2014

Of Letterman, Changes in Tv viewership and Time

Of Letterman, Changes in Tv viewership and Time

Y'all probably heard by now that David Letterman is retiring ( next year) from his late night talk show - after 33 years in the business

He has cited the opportunity to have more family time as the reason for leaving.

However this insightful CNN article probably hits the nail on the head: link

"...Most important of all, however, is that in the age of the Internet, the way viewers take in late-night TV is not what it was when Letterman was honing his style. The battle for viewers is now fought more with four-minute viral videos the next morning than complete shows with monologues and conversations as integral ingredients...."

Change and time caught up with the Tv show Colossus

The ultimate lesson is: no one can stay exceptional forever

Here's one of the hilarious moments on his show ( and there were many of those over the years! )

David Letterman- thanks for all the memories


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