Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Amazing Spider Man 2-CGI is killing the Blockbusters

The Amazing Spider Man 2-CGI is killing the Blockbusters!

Computer- generated Imagery ( CGI) and visual effects are killing the Blockbusters in my opinion

Watched this latest instalment of the American super-hero flick and I left wondering: "Am I going to remember this in 3 months?"

Spider Man ( Andrew Garfield) performed his web tricks and all, and his love interest, Gwen Stacy ( Emma Stone) pulled her weight ..before she met a tragic end

Jamie Foxx, plays Max Dillon, an Oscorp engineer who tumbles into a tub of eels, that turn him into the power freak Electro. The gratuitous geek -turned -villain character, which usually comes with the territory in this flicks, was Dane DeHaan ( Harry Osborn)

Hear one of my favourite movie Critics, Wesley Morris : "Amazing 2 is the financial equivalent of swishing water around in a mostly empty jar of tomato sauce to make sure you get it all"

Maybe I'm becoming old-fashioned but, just like Superman's Man of Steel, last year, this didn't set my pulse-racing and it was too video-gamish.

Not impressed

The scary bit is that there are many sequels planned



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