Friday, 23 May 2014

Fargo- Great Tv miniseries

Fargo- Great Tv miniseries
Fargo , the tv miniseries ( not the movie )

 This is the golden age of television y'all- Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Scandal, True Detective, Hannibal and now Fargo ( they are all up there when it comes to great thespian works)

 Plot- ( Key- watch the 1996 flick first, if you've not seen it) A ruthless manipulative man ( read: sadistic awesome bastard , ), Lorne Malvo ( Billy Bob Thornton) meets a small time put-upon insurance sales man ( read: loser with no self confidence ) Lester Nygaard ( Martin Freeman),influences the latter with his malice and violence and sets him on a path of self destruction

 Deputy Molly Solverson ( Allison Tolman) and Animal control officer Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) try to solve the crimes linked to the duo above

 Fargo is an American dark comedy-crime drama , which is essentially a continuation of the Oscar winning 1996 film of the same name

 Lorne Malvo will remind you of Anton Chigurh from 'No Country for Old Men' -even with the dodgy hair cuts. Evil people have evil hair cuts!

 He makes sadistic sooo cool! ( a Drifter who revels in chaos and violence but he also has a twisted moral code)

 Ah Jeez!, Oh Yah! ( you've got to love Minnesotans & their funny accent + euphemisms) I watched the first episode ( The Crocodile's Dilemma) and I was blown away! Easily 9.5/10 for me ( 6 episodes have now been shown. It's a 10-episode mini-series)

 Malvo : "...A guy insulted me once, I pissed in his gas tank. His car never drove straight again.."
 Malvo: "..Because some roads you shouldn't go down. Because maps used to say there were dragons here; now they don't. But that don't mean the dragons aren't there...”

 The scene where this quote was used just takes your breath away!

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