Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Godzilla-Hope for the Blockbusters?

Godzilla-Hope for the Blockbusters?


If my review of The Amazing Spider Man 2 sent you into despondency then there is hope with Godzilla ( another story retold in a Blockbuster movie) -which incidentally was released today, 15th of May 2014 & will be released in a North America the following day

It's the flick which is supposed to renew our hopes in Blockbusters and really scary monsters which we can remember in years to come

I've read great things about it in Reviews:

"It's badass when it needs to be, emotional when it should be, and consistently smart and one step ahead of the audience in the right way"

Bonus points- Brian Cranston ( remember him? Walter White of the Breaking Bad hit tv show) also stars

Check out the Trailer below:



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