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Game of Thrones S04E07: "Mockingbird": it's all about the moon door

Game of Thrones S04E07: "Mockingbird": it's all about the moon door

It was not exactly an action-packed episode, as there was a lot of walking, talking and sitting, but it certainly moved the whole story forward

Cersei named The Mountain as the Crown's champion- after the Brute had made mine meat ( literally) of some hapless opponents

Tyrion and Bronn break up- after the latter refuses to be his champion for pragmatic reasons. He doesn't stand a chance against The Mountain!

The best scene in this episode: Oberyn decides to be Tyrion's champion against The Mountain ( Ser Gregor Clegane- remember, he raped & killed Oberyn's sister after killing her children )

But first Oberyn told Tyrion about the history of the events at his ( Tyrion's ) birth

The Tyrion and Jaime scene just before this was also classy- Jaime can't be his champ, Tyrion reminds him of his incest, they both get satisfaction in imagining the disappointment of their dad, Tywin at the failure in life if his sons.

Daenerys starts an unlikely affair with Daario which Ser Jorah Mormont appears to disapprove of. Jealous? ) and and a confrontation with Yunkaii

Arya and the Hound might actually be liking each other. The girl kills a man who wanted a piece of The Hound's neck ( incidentally, the man happened to be on her 'hit list' too! )

The scene with Melisandre and Selyse was pointless to me..well, apart from the obligatory boob shot that GoT is renowned for!

Brienne and Podrick get a lead ( from the talkative Hot Pie) on Arya and now go to the Eyrie.

At the Eyrie:

Sansa plants a ( deserved) slap on the spoilt Robin's cheek for being destructive and spoilt ( blame his mum, Lysa)

Petyr Baelish tells Sansa that he loved her Mum, then creepily kisses her. This is viewed by Lysa Arryn ( Sansa's Aunt & Baellish's wife) , unfortunately!

The jealous Lysa then threatens to throw Sansa through the moon door

Bye, bye, bye Lysa! Good riddance!

Baelish intervenes, tells her that he had only loved one person in the world, Her sister! ( Sansa's slain mother)

Lysa was still trying to come to terms with this shocking revelation when he ends it all -by pushing her out of the moon door to her certain death!

Can't wait for next episode when Oberyn slaughters (hopefully!) The Mountain to save Tyrion and avenge his sister and her children!

Unfortunately, this is going to be in 2 weeks as there's Memorial Day celebrations this weekend


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