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Game of Thrones S04E05- First Of His Name

Game of Thrones S04E05- First Of His Name


***Spoiler Alert**

In this episode:

Tommen was crowned as King

Cersei - “everywhere in the world, they hurt little girls” was Apt! In the real world ( read e.g. Nigeria) men can kidnap more than 200 school girls and their country’s leaders don’t bat an eyelid.

People also showed that they could get along pretty well when they try. Margaery and Cersei, Tywin and Cersei , Oberyn and Cersei

Lysa Aryn- must be one of the villest people in Westeros now . She did reveal that her lover, Lord Baellish was behind the murder of Jon Arryn- which was the precipitating event for pretty much everything that has happened on Game of Thrones. By killing the Hand and framing the Lannisters, Baellish sowed dissent between the Lannisters, Baratheons, Tullys, and Starks, leading to chaos we've witnessed for 4 seasons now

Her loud shrills in the throes of passion with Baellish were just eeeeeew!!

Lysa and Sansa scene was also great- the former flip flopped between maternal compassion to jealous rival ( she felt Baellish might be interested in her sexually) at breakneck speed that it left the docile (and gullible) Sansa in tears

Daenerys had to make a choice on: whether to stick around and sort out the growing mutiny among her liberated subjects or take a pass and sail for Westeros, she opted for the former.

Brienne and her clumsy squire, Pod, added some comic on-the-road side attraction

Arya and The Hound's camp scene was also intriguing- we got to know that Arya's murderous anger includes him as well. She sees their arrangement as temporary and functional.

The Battle at Craster’s Keep occupied the last 15 mins of this episode:

Jojen’s “I saw you die tonight” to mutineer-in-chief Karl would be a Meme's delight

Hodor manned up for once ( with Bran's 'spiritual' help ) snapping a man's neck (Locke's) like a dried twig

I liked Jon’s bringing-a-sword-to-a-knifefight tussle with Karl ; the fact that he was rescued by one of Craster’s wives was apt

A few people must have clapped when Jon's sword passed through Karl Tanner's skull exiting through the mouth. The mouth exit was poetic- he talks too much anyway

Bran also took the difficult choice to continue on his journey up North- with his rescued crew rather than reunite with Jon Snow, his half brother.

Jon and his long lost dire wolf, Ghost, reunited too

GoT is a show you'll find difficult not to like



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