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HANNIBAL: Mozart-gone-to-the-dark-side on Tv

HANNIBAL: Mozart-gone-to-the-dark-side on Tv

Season 2, Episode 12: Tomewan

This episode: Wow! Just wow!

You'd be enchanted, then you'd be terrified, then you'd be enchanted & terrified!! :-)

Dr Bedelia Du Maurier told Will Graham that Hannibal is a murderer and he'll 'persuade' you to be one too. "It will be somebody you love and you will think it is the only choice you have,”!!

Dr Bedelia Du Maurier to Will Graham: "..If you think you're about to catch Hannibal, that's because he wants you to think that. Don't fool yourself into thinking you're in control of what's happening..."

Hannibal to Will Graham ( speaking about Mason Verger's rudeness to him): “Discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me. Whenever feasible, one should always try to eat the rude.”!!

(“Free-range rude,” adds Will.)

Hannibal:,“Mason Verger is a problem. Problem-solving is hunting: It’s a savage pleasure, and we are born to it — a pleasure we can share"

Over a meal of fish prepared by Hannibal:

Jack - at this moment I have to confess that I don't know who is pursuing who more than this fish do ( points to meal)

Hannibal- Whomever is pursuing whom at this very moment, I intend to eat them! :-)

( hope you got the brilliant cryptic message in that last statement. The guy eats people! )

The dialogues are just out of this world

Will Graham to Hannibal "Mason Verger is a pig and he deserves to be somebody's bacon!"

You think you've seen depraved, *sniggers* you ain't ever heard of Hannibal! :-/

The FaceOff moment:

Hannibal drugs Mason Verger with psychedelic substances ( another twisted loony who he outwitted) and convinced the guy to cut off his own face!!

Then Mason feeds parts of his own face to Will Graham's dogs!

( Hannibal to the shocked Will Graham: he broadened their palates as I broadened yours! #dead )

...then Mason eats his own nose!!

....then he says- "I have a taste and consistency that is similar to chicken gizzard!!!"

...then he belches and says : " I'm full of myself" !!!!

( easily the best line this season! Truer words have never been spoken! Just Dessert! )

Hannibal's chilling retort : “Pity has no place at the table,”

There was even a reference to Ancient Greece-:

Hannibal explaining one of his sketches to Will Graham: "Achilles lamenting the death of Patroclus. Whenever he is mentioned in The Iliad, Patroclus seems to be defined by his empathy.

Will: He became Achilles on the field of war. Died from there, wearing his armor.

Hannibal: He did. Hiding and revealing identity is a constant theme throughout the Greek epics.

Will: As are battle-tested friendships.

Hannibal: Achilles wished that all Greeks would die so that he and Patroclus could conquer Troy alone. It took divine intervention to bring them down"

That dialogue is basically innuendoes & read-between-the-lines chit-chat!!

I salute the writers of this show!

Hannibal is Mozart -gone -to -the- dark -side on tv

Bryan Fuller ( the Director)- take a bow!

Some things are best seen than imagined or talked about

Hannibal- They say the afterlife involves bright light. But they don't tell you it's because you're in somebody's fridge!!"

Please get with the program .......and follow the dialogues. Pure Genius!

Can't wait for this season finale next week!


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