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Hannibal Season 2-Finale ( Mizumono): you'd be shocked!

Hannibal Season 2-Finale ( Mizumono): you'd be shocked!

*Spoiler Alert*

What this episode did - If anyone has forgotten... Hannibal is the bad guy!!

There was the deep intense conversations between Will & Hannibal, between Jack and Will ....and then, there was the "tick tock" in the background. Time is running out...

for: Alana- pushed through the window by Abigail ( mind-controlled by Hannibal)

Jack- who got one in the right jugular

Will Graham- who was gutted

Abigail- who had her neck sliced

Hannibal just killed the entire cast! ( ....or not, there is a season 3, y'all)


Easily rivals Game of Thrones' Red Wedding episode!

Just for those keeping score:

Mads Mikkelson is playing a character ( Hannibal) who was played previously by a man ( Anthony Hopkins) who won an Oscar ( & a Knighthood) for his portrayal of said character.

And he's knocking it out of the effing park!! * tip of the hat to you, Mads*

You'd be confused, then sad, then confused then distraught. Then you'll remember that this is just make-believe....a damn good one! *hat doffed*

( That is me in pix 4 after watching this episode )

Will Graham to Jack-" He’ll try to kill you in the kitchen — for convenience. Make it easier to prepare the tartare"!

Will Graham on the phone to Hannibal: "they know"

Hannibal- "Fate and circumstance have returned us to this moment"

Hannibal to Dr Bloom ( after she fired blanks at him) "I took your bullets"

Let the credits finish at the end before you leave, otherwise you'd miss Hannibal in a Plane...with Dr Bedelia Du Maurier by his side!!

Zedzeezee ( a Fannibal like moi) wrote: "..Each season of Hannibal has ended the way a good novel should- with the major plot threads wrapped up and the character arcs brought full circle in a poetic way. Never feeling cheap, everything being done for an artistic reason..."

I cannot agree MORE!! *slow nod*

In this sense, the Hannibal finale was one of the greatest hours of television I've ever seen.

This is me right now: link

If you're interested in what's going to happen in season 3, then you've got to read this: link




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