Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thierry Henry-Wonder goals

Thierry Henry-Wonder goals
Enjoy two of Thierry Henry's great goals in an Arsenal Shirt
1. That popular goal vs Manchester United (at Highbury October 2000)
 While holding off his marker, Henry flicked the ball up, turned and volleyed an exquisite dipping shot over goalkeeper Fabian Barthez in one fluid movement. The ball nested in the top corner of United's goal. Genius! sunglasses smiley

2. .....and the less popular(but equally impressive effort) Scored against an unfamiliar side (? Wetz) pre-season 2006-2007
-incredible first touch, audacious flick over marker and perfect volley into the far corner of the goal. Such composure!, simply witchcraft! sunglasses smiley

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