Saturday, 24 December 2011

Gary Speed, Tosin Oyelowo: Making sense of suicide?

Gary Speed, Tosin Oyelowo: Making sense of suicide?
Why would people with apparently everything to live for take their own lives?
Gary Speed , 42, was Wales Manager, had (apparently) a great family and  everything to live for. He hanged himself! sad smiley

Oluwatosin 'Tosin' Oyelowo was just 25 and a University of Charleston’s School of Pharmacy first-year student. She ended it all by jumping into a river! sad smiley Spare a thought for their families. 

But why did they do it?

Everyone is struggling with something, and is faced with unappealing aspects of their daily life-these two were, and ultimately succumbed to these Demons. We may see exciting news that people choose to post and update us on (like on Facebook), but few people ever put you in the know about the bad news. So we're constantly reminded of how awesome everyone's life is. Don't believe the hype. As we celebrate this Yuletide season, I don't want to dampen spirits but Life can be hard and tragic-it killed these two. 

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