Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Of Kobe, Vanessa Bryant, cheating and basic isht

Of Kobe, Vanessa Bryant, cheating and basic isht
So Vanessa is leaving Kobe (Mr 105) because of his cheating.

Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man that’s tired of having sex with her.” It's obtuse, crass, tactless, but, by jove, it's the truth

 I'm not trying to make any excuses for cheating 'cos it's wrong!
I don't have the solutions because there's no point in applying simple arithmetric methods in solving complex algebra-Epic fail!
These help though:
Woman, know thy man- be the type of woman who can see the end of the story before it even begins and just skips it altogether. It's called having a potent bullsh*t detector! :D

Reinventing yourself (like makeover) and spicing your love life with your man won't hurt either :)

Man, you've got to do better. You got money, talent and fame so you think you're in control. Right?
Wrong, Ninja!

If you think of it in airplane terms, power and talent are the Airbuses of sexual temptation. There’s just something about someone who’s good at what they do love smiley
 Lust is powerful too, few men of sound mind would turn down a casual sex situationdrooling smiley

 It's all about avoiding this situation in the first place. Because if you combine male sexual frailty with abundant opportunity it's hard to imagine that a man won't cheat! :)
Just because you can do 'it' doesn't mean you should smiley

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