Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Things You See On Facebook

Things You See On Facebook
This is actually trending on Twitter right now. Enjoy some of the images and my funny captions

Be brief, for no discourse(or name!) can please when too longlaughing smiley

Moral of the story-think carefully before adding 'friends'happy smiley

The Attention-seeker. Bless her!smug smiley

Now, this ish is really creepy!shacking head in disbelief smiley

The Grammar Assassinlaughing smiley

We feel for yousad smiley , but stop flickering your relationship status like a light switch. Not everyone wants to know about the instability and turbulence in your love life 

Little ambition and lowered expectations in life. 
Is that all you want? A camera phone,bubble-gum,  hard 'Darth Vaders' and gut-full of the next dysfunctional Ninjas in society? I think not!smiley

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