Friday, 10 February 2012

The Announcement-Magic's shocking HIV news

The Announcement-Magic's shocking HIV news
Twenty years ago, one of the best things that happened to basketball, Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, announced that he was HIV positive. ESPN is doing a documentary on how this singular act affected his life, that of his family, friends and all of us all. To put this in context, this was a period when we didn't know as much as we did about the virus now.
Hear Magic after the announcement: “I would call people, ‘Let’s work out.’ They always had something to do. ‘Oh no, I can’t right now because I’ve got to get ready for the game or whatever.’ Can you imagine that? I played one-on-one my whole life and now I’m looking for someone to play one-on-one with.”sad smiley
I remember thinking back then: 'Magic is going to die soon'smiley in tears 
Well, he is still very much around! I guess it boils down to the saying: Get busy living or get busy dying. Magic chose the former. This is the greatest 'trick' this 'Magician' will ever pullhappy smiley
The documentary premieres on March 11on ESPN. 
Watch the Trailer below.

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