Friday, 2 August 2013

You Never Know With Women

You Never Know With Women

James Hadley Chase was the man back in 'em days!

Check out this quote by the Protagonist in 'You Never Know With Women' (one of his bestsellers):

"I’ve been around and I’ve known a lot of women in my time.
They’ve given me a lot of fun and a lot of grief.

Now women are funny animals. You never know where you are with them ; they don’t often know where they are with themselves . It's no good trying to find out what makes them tick. It just can’t be done.
They have more moods than an army of cats with lives, and all you can hope is to spot the mood you’re after when it turns up and step in quick.

Hesitate and you’re a dead duck, unless you’re one of those guys who like a slow approach that might get you somewhere in a week or in a month or even a year.
But that’s not the way I like it. I like it quick and sudden ; like a shot on the back!!"

Your thoughts?

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