Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chelsea vs Hull-My take

Chelsea vs Hull-My take

Summary: Got off to a blistering start, killed off the Hull City threat immediately without breaking too much sweat and napped their way through the back half of the game. Who's next?

How much is Mourinho loved in these parts? VERY MUCH!!

Did you see the joy from the fans as he came out of the Tunnel?

We're chuffed to have you back, Jose. We know the feeling is mutual too!

I'd say the first 25 mins is what Chelsea is about this season....we were thoroughly in control, running the Tigers ragged with careful possession play followed up by rapid vertical penetration whenever space opened up. They were also playing very physically whenever Hull did manage to get the back. Crisps short passes between Oscar, De Bruyne, Hazard, Lampard.......even Torres!

The striker had been playing well, linking up play between himself and the attacking midfielders until Torres became Torres again...heavy touches, largely anonymous in front of goal before he was replaced by Lukaku.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of the second half.

All told, it was difficult to get much of a feel for anyone -- we had a 2-0 lead against a team that looked incapable of reducing it. They held on without much bother although we'd have liked to have seen more goals ( e.g the Lampard penalty miss, the Schurrle fluffed chance)

No sweat. Someone is going to get a hiding from this club soon!- the type Barca dished out to Levante yesterday.

Just thinking about the depth in our team gives me goosebumps!! Odikwa serious!

Mata and David Luiz didn't feature. Both are not 100% fit. But we didn't really need them. We played Hull not Holland!. It's going to be horses for courses this season 'cos of our strength in depth

Hear @DaveBohh, a Chelsea fan: "Our bench makes me feel physically sick, it’s unfair to the other teams"

Chelsea looks like a Coke bottle right now- 'Thin' at the top, robust in the middle and sturdy at the bottom (back) Mourinho will sort out the 'weakness' in the Strikers department. For sure!!

On to the next one- Aston Villa in a couple of days. I hope Lukaku starts. Should be a great game.

Blue is the colour, Football is the game, Chelsea is our name. CHELSEA!!



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