Sunday, 19 May 2013

Of FFP, the football Agent, Bosman's Lawyer and the ECJ

Of FFP, the football Agent, Bosman's Lawyer and the ECJ

FFP -is a joint agreement between clubs to limit their freedom to hire players by restraining their ability to spend on wages and transfers.

FFP likely constitutes collusion and hence a violation of EU competition law. This restraint of free competition may at the same time constitute a violation of other EU freedoms such as the free movement of workers and services

FFP's break-even rule makes no allowance for the commercial disparities between individual national leagues, which means smaller clubs are hit harder, proportionately, than larger ones. Without the ability to invest in their longer-term success, smaller clubs will stay small. This is clearly anticompetitive.

The ECJ ( European Court of Justice) and the seminal Bosman ruling are going to be the scourge of FFP 'cos:

1. FFP breaks antitrust laws.

2. It threatens the source of income of high profile football agents

( Uefa's FFP faces a legal challenge in the European courts after a players' agent [Daniel Striani] argued the rules will unfairly restrict the amount of money he can earn)

More significantly, Striani is represented by Jean Louis-Dupont, a lawyer who in 1995 successfully challenged football's contract rules on behalf of a Belgian player, Jean-Marc Bosman!!

Y'all know never to underestimate the power of greed. In the words of Michael Douglas ( in the movie, Wall Street) "Greed is Good!!!"

Winning- that's what football’s all about. NOT top four finishes, financial parity, but WINNING STUFF and enjoying it.

Having said that, Not winning is acceptable occasionally. Not challenging is not

So fans of that club, which keeps on sitting on that moral high ground, should hope that their club spend this summer and start genuinely challenging again! Otherwise they'd the sorely disappointed if they think FFP will come to their rescue!


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