Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language

Culled from a bbc.co.uk article

Grammar is not just an educational issue. For some adults, it can sabotage friendships and even romantic relationships.

The research arm of dating site OKCupid looked at 500,000 first contacts and concluded that "netspeak, bad grammar and bad spelling are huge turn-offs". The biggest passion killers were "ur", "r", "u", "ya" and "cant". Also damaging to online suitors were "luv" and "wat".

"..the Apostrophe Protection Society see "a connection between secure syntax and moral excellence" There's a feeling that if we can maintain grammatical order we can maintain other kinds of order."

"I'd never dream of ruling anyone out because of trivia such as their job, accent, class, or the like. However, grammar and spelling are absolute deal-breakers"- Hannah Betts, Times columnist

Grammar is provocative. But perhaps it's an itch that English speakers need to scratch.

Check out the rest of this interesting piece here


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