Friday, 31 May 2013

Mike Emenalo: Debunking the Myth

Mike Emenalo: Debunking the Myth

Mike Emenalo offered to resign a few days ago to 'facilitate' Jose Mourinho's return to Chelsea. Abrahomich would have none of it!
Why is Abramovich in love with Mike Emenalo and what does he actually do?

His Role: Technical Director

-a vital role that will assist the overall long-term football strategy of the club

He : 1. SUPPORTS the work of the first team manager 2. leads the club's international and domestic scouting network (Head of Development & Scouting) 3. He assists in driving the technical programmes of the club's Academy and international youth network.

He is also, crucially, not a full member of the Football Club Board again ( unlike Grant and Arnesen in the heady days of the past)

Why does he have the ears of Abramovich?- Emenalo also has a liaison role between the manager and the board and, infamously, between the manager and the owner himself ( some have regarded this as acting as Roman's spy or the Manager reporting to him)

Emenalo is simply the go-between guy. Abramovich doesn't have to speak to the Manager and vice versa.

The more mysterious Mike Forde is the Director of Football and is on Football Club Board . He is responsible for all areas of performance and team operations relating to the first team, including player recruitment; medical, sport science, psychology and performance analysis.'

On paper this is a more senior role to that of Emenalo.

Emenalo- July 2011:

''The FINAL DECISIONS about who comes in and who doesn't will be the MANAGER'S to make but to arrive at that stage there will be a lot of working together ( collective process) and I would imagine I will be part of that process of working together to make that happen.''

The Emenalo-Forde recruitment strategy has been largely successful.

Emenalo's scouts find the player, Forde's guys do the sport science mumbo jumbo. For clarity, here are the facts; since Emenalo and Forde both assumed their current roles in July 2011, the club has spent just under £170m on 18 first team players (and first team prospects) and, taking a cursory look, only Marko Marin (£6.5m) and Ulises Davila (£1.8m) are probably worth less now than when Chelsea bought them. All of the other players have appreciated in value - some very significantly (including Courtois, Lukaku, Mata, Cahill, De Bruyne, Thorgan Hazard and Azpilicueta).

So, what does Jose Mourinho have to fear from working with Emenalo and Forde? Nothing! There's a better structure, everybody knows their job description, Mourinho's responsibilities are less, and nobody is usurping anybody's duties ( unlike during his first stint at Chelsea or his power tussle with Valdano at Real)

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