Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ashley/Cheryl-My take

Ashley/Cheryl-My take
So Cheryl is back with Ashley. Why are we not surprised?

This is my take on Ashley(and Cheryl) and the whole ish

Emotions-A lot of people will say: it's illogical-When emotions are involved, logic is simply not needed. Its also why even if a girl’s angry with us, it’s a good thing. If the break-up was bad, the first few months of reconciliation sex will alternate between ‘angry, I still hate you sex,’ and 'make-up sex'. We all know how this ish all works out.
Basically Cheryl's boo'd up i.e she's hooked. He ran a good game on her sunglasses smiley, which is what got him the unconditional loving . Put differently-he beat that thang silly and he's got it on lock, period! laughing smiley

He's talented ( the best left full back in the UK, and one of the best in the world)- and we know how talent can  be quite the temptation :). There’s just something about someone who’s good at what they do-Sexy!sunglasses smiley 

He's black- Check out the colour of the stand-in(basically, the pretender to the 'throne') when Ashley wasn't around. If you need some good loving, always bet on black sunglasses smiley  'cos the word 'endowment' is synonymous with black! Go figure  happy smiley

He's carefree- Ashley is a laidback Ninja who doesn't sweat things so it's easy to hate him if you're an emotional warrior. What do they say about bad boys getting the good girls....?

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