Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Panty- pandering Ninjas

Panty-pandering Ninjas
Have you ever wondered why chicks with silly posts get gazillion positive comments from guys on social networks including facebook? *Smh* There’s a name for this isht, it’s called panty-pandering. 
It beats me why some dudes continually ridicule themselves in this fashion ‘cos of the mere possibility of panties. Keyword-possibility(not guaranteed) :)

Ninja-you pander to the panties if you co-sign to this kind of crap. Becoming comment number 100 on a silly girlie post just ain't cool 8-|
 If you think this will get you the chick then I’ve got news for you- you ain’t got sh*t, Ninja!! :)

You’ve got to understand chick logic. They don’t roll like that. They want you to keep it real(well, at least those worth their salt) So don't be afraid to criticise a crappy post from time to time or, better still, just don't comment! :-$ Translation-stop behaving as if your fingers are perpetually glued to the like button-where that babe is concerned :D

Ninja, you’ve got to recognise game if chopping it down is the ultimate goal. Stop behaving like a lame mickiefickie. Up your street IQ and you’ll do some damage-for sure B-)

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